5 points that prospective students should consider

//5 points that prospective students should consider

5 points that prospective students should consider

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There are several countries that offer quality education, but more recently, Germany has become a favoured destination for many students. Among the various reasons, the concept of ‘free’ education at globally reputed universities stands out. However, many students are oblivious to the exacting standards of these Universities. These places of higher education admit only those candidates with excellent academic and extra-curricular track record. As a prospective applicant, you should thoroughly analyse your candidature before sending out your applications to these universities. Rather than applying to Universities that don’t match your profile and getting a pile of rejects, prior due diligence and forethought will enhance your chances of securing an admit. In this article, I will touch upon some important components of your application package that should stand out and be flawlessly written and additional considerations during your due diligence process.

1. CV / Resume:

You need to prepare a perfect CV / Resume, which showcases your skills, achievements,etc., You need to proof-read your resume properly and / or ask others to do it for you. This is important because you are applying for an International University and the University expects its candidates to be more professional. Most education consultancies use boilerplate CV templates, which does not highlight your unique qualifications. What you need here is an Advisory service that exactly advices you how to enhance your profile and stand out among your competition. At INTRVU, we help the prospective students with their Resumes & applications from an Advisory standpoint. Rather than giving you the fish (easier, but less effective), we teach you how to catch fish (challenging, but very effective).

2. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

This is another important document, which you need to showcase your qualifications and fit with the institution you are applying to. Many students create derivatives based on documents from other applicants. You should absolutely refrain from doing this. Not only will you mis-represent your skills, abilities and qualifications, but also overlook important aspects that could help you secure the admit. Only you know your skills and abilities best, so it’s obligatory that you write your motivation in this document. You cannot and should not write your Statement of Purpose using a template that your consultancy or Google gives you. It is a document, which is going to convince the University on why they should give you admit. You should polish your skills and achievements, so that the University sees you as a fitting applicant. This document is important because it is what you are leveraging to ‘sell’ yourself to the University. Many students are unaware of this and make terrible mistakes by placing their trust with consultancies or templates and blow their chances of securing, what would otherwise have been, a sure admit. Many consultancies do not bother to diligently evaluate your motivation and advice prospective students on the right approach. Our advisory service helps you highlight your attributes better and help you stand out. Again, what you need is an advisory, which uncovers the weak areas and sets you up for success.

3. Course overview

You can find several courses offered by the various Universities in Germany at the DAAD website. However, there are several excellent courses that are not listed there. Not only is it important that you choose the right course of study, considering your career aspirations, but also one that matches your profile and interests. There is no point in choosing whichever course you get admit to. There are several courses that are not so popular among International students, but have great job prospects. There is a good chance that you may not be aware of the ‘inside’ information about these courses or the job prospects afterwards. You’re required to review the course and make judgments based on publicly available information (who wants to speak ill of themselves in public?) or through online forums or eGroups (where people share lots of un-authoritative opinions based on 2nd hand information). This is tantamount to entrusting your future in the hands of a complete stranger. As an Advisory, we consult students based on a range of evaluation criteria, fact-checking, due diligence, metrics, field knowledge, etc. and help them shortlist the right course, university and track that aligns with their career aspirations. After all it is your future, and you should choose the right direction.

4. Location

Getting into any University is not good, because your university’s location plays an impact on your studies, part-time job prospects, Internships, etc. You may not appreciate the importance of your University’s location at the time of application or during the pre-departure phases, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises a posteriori to your arrival in Germany.

5. Post-arrival

You’re now in Germany. Take a moment to enjoy a milestone you achieved in your life. Inasmuch you’re satisfied with the outcome, your job is not quite done yet. The real headcache starts after your arrival in Germany. You have to extend your visa, find an accommodation, sign up for insurances, open bank account, etc. The worst part of this experience is that Germany may be completely new to you and it might be very intimidating to you because not everybody speaks English, customs may be different, you have to get used to new currencies and denominations, etc. We have undergone these stages and are in the best position to making your transition to Germany and your integration a most pleasant and memorable one.

I have written this post to share some ‘inside’ views on the hurdles in the application process and your future in Germany. I cannot overemphasise the need for trusted partners and advisors to guide you through these various stages. We have been guiding several students and professionals like yourself through the various stages and advising them on topics over and beyond where the consultancies stop. The so called German education consultancies (there’s a dozen for a dime all over the world) lack the field experience to offer proper counseling and advice. They also leave you in the cold after you arrive in Germany or even, much before that during the application process by stuffing you with templates that you have to fill. Our approach is action-driven and each of our client receives a sparring partner that gives 100% personal attention. We truly understand that we are in a trust-based business and your future is something which is very valuable. Choose your spouses and advisors wisely.

About the Author:

Aravind Sindhey
Aravind Sindhey is student, who has a immense passion towards writing. After completing his Bachelors in Electronics & Communication from Anna University, he is currently pursuing his Masters in Embedded Systems from Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany. He always wants to help other prospective students, who are trying to pursue their studies in Europe. He already has a blog of his own, through which he helps students to understand the real situation in Europe. He wants to take this to the next level, with a more bigger platform like INTRVU, and to reach out to a wider audience. He brings with him, almost 2 year experience of living and studying in Germany, which will be more useful for his fellow students. Apart from this, he has his interests in Reading and Discussing about Politics and Latest Technologies.
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