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In order to maximize the probability that you will be admitted to your dream program, our talented and experienced admissions advisory will guide you through every step of the admissions process.

1. Admissions Strategy

Conceive an Admissions Strategy to maximise your admissions chances.

Our proprietary Admissions Strategy development process helps us understand your candidate profile, identify your strengths and shortcomings from all aspects of your life: academic, professional and personal. With a comprehensive understanding of who you are, we develop an Applicant Persona and lay out a comprehensive strategy that covers all the relevant aspects of your applicant profile that the admissions committee seeks. By thoroughly understanding your background and motivation through our legendary Discovery call (1 hour), we identify strengths and weaknesses in your candidate profile to create an Admissions Strategy that is unique to your application and helps you differentiate yourself from similar applicants in the competitive admissions landscape.


2. University Selection

Identify the ‘best-fit’ schools that are most consistent with your career goals.

We have a commitment to ensure that our clients receive the best advise and decision support so that they feel happy about their university shortlist and are therefore able to thrive and achieve academically. Our advisory team is trained to work with clients from diverse academic disciplines and as part of the team we have other advisors support the application process. Our advisory team works with you to understand your professional goals and helps identify the ‘best-fit’ schools that are most consistent with your career goals. In addition to our advisors’ experience from previous engagements, we collect admissions statistics each year. We use these insights to objectively place your application in the candidate pool. Through this data-driven approach, we also identify the schools that best fit your profile and qualifications. Hence, we avoid mis-application and maximise your applications’ throughput.


3. Application Documentation

Compelling application documents that help you stand out.

On average, Admissions Committees review about 200 applications per day. Furthermore, they easily recognise re-used templates or application artefacts from the Internet; re-using application artefacts that worked for other candidates will work against your application. Furthermore, you should present your unique story in a compelling manner, which the admissions committee will remember at the end of a day of reviewing similar applications. Our admissions team advises throughout the application documentation process from building your compelling ‘storyline’ through to creating unique artefacts that enhance your admission chances by making your application documents, both professional and memorable. Our team will also advise you on any specific and supplemental essays that present you as a strong candidate. To complement the thorough outlining and drafting guidance, all essays are reviewed by an Engagement Auditor, who provides both strategic and stylistic feedback on all application documents. A proofreader then reads the finalised drafts to ensure that the essays are error free and ready for submission. We think through your profile, build a holistic storyline, and compile compelling application documents that help you stand out among the competition.



You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment.

In admissions interviews, your job is to convince the admissions committee that you have the skills, knowledge, and motivation for the demanding graduate-level coursework. Taking the time to prepare for the interview in advance can help you secure an offer. Our admissions advisors prepare applicants for interviews by identifying common interview questions, and help prepare structured answers to those questions. We also conduct mock interviews to ensure that the client is fully prepared.


5. Financing

Compelling application documents that help you stand out.

Some academic programs in Europe entail scholarships that candidates could apply for. Applicants need to demonstrate their conviction to their field of interest and drive to achieve high academic stature. We have helped select candidates find diverse scholarships and stipends for certain programs. For another segment of clients, we have organised student loans at attractive interest rates that enabled them to study abroad. For other clients with skills in high demand (e.g. software developers), we have helped secure internships within 6 months. During our individual advisory sessions, we consider your profile with finances in mind and recommend opportunities based on the strength of your profile.


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