1999/ engagement
  • SHOP
  • For prospective applicants (except MBA & PhD)
  • Comprehensive information on all activities
  • Do-it-yourself approach
  • Sample application documents
  • Tools – uQualify & Profile Builder
  • Access to INTRVU Academy
  • Excluded: Individual assistance


359/ engagement
  • SHOP
  • For prospective applicants (including MBA and PhD)
  • Includes Self-Service Admissions Package
  • Personal guidance by 2 advisors
  • Admissions trends and insights
  • Additional versioning & Kanban tools
  • Access to INTRVU Academy
  • Included: Individual assistance


589/ engagement
  • SHOP
  • For prospective applicants (including MBA and PhD)
  • Includes Guided Admissions (A)
  • Insurance applications
  • Visa Advisory
  • Pre-Departure & Post-Arrival Checklist
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Access to INTRVU Academy
  • Included: Individual assistance

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From an applicant’s perspective, each application is associated with efforts, costs, and additional overhead. Too many applications is an expensive affair, while too few applications is risky. Contextual Advisory™ is our proprietary methodology based on best practices derived from hundreds of client engagements. This methodology ensures a close fit between applicants’ profile and the academic institution’s expectations. We match universities based on their selection criteria and our clients’ qualifications to advise them on the optimum number and schools to target. We analyse historical admissions data and use these insights to identify decision factors, which we leverage to advise our clients during our individual advisory sessions. Armed with these insights, a compelling storyline, and proven admission strategies, we help our clients secure admits from best-fit universities we recommend.

INTRVU is run by graduates of elite European institutions with decades of professional experience in Europe. We leverage our backgrounds to deliver client success. We are located in Germany, right in the heart of Europe; this geographical proximity to European institutions allows us to undertake several activities on behalf of our client. These may be such simple activities as following up on application status with admissions committee in the local language, which your local admissions consultant may not be in a position to undertake. Furthermore, we understand the actual scenario in Europe – as an admissions and career advisory, we  observe both, the admissions and job market scenario. Hence, we’re able to advise the best career trajectory for long-term career success beyond admissions.

The vast majority of applicants submit cliche applications based on templates downloaded off the Internet. What worked for other candidates may not work for you. This ‘spray-and-pray’ attitude significantly hurts their chances of getting an admit. At INTRVU, we equip our clients with frameworks and methodologies that help structure the thought process, address important profile items that they may have overlooked, communicate their unique qualifications, develop a compelling storyline, and clearly articulate their motivation to pursue a highly demanding graduate-level program in Europe. We review each application through the eyes of admissions committee and customise each each component of the application to make our clients stand out in the competitive admissions landscape. Such diligence ensures application success, as our track record can vouchsafe.


In order to maximize the probability that you will be admitted to your dream program, our talented and experienced admissions advisory will guide you through every step of the admissions process.

1. Brainstorming

Identify strengths and weaknesses in your candidate profile through a discovery call.

Our proprietary brainstorming and introspection process helps you identify areas of strength from all aspects of your life: academic, professional and personal. With a comprehensive understanding of who you are, our grad school admissions consulting team helps you create a complete picture of yourself and ensures that all the components of the application complement each other.


2. University Selection

Identify the ‘best-fit’ schools that are most consistent with your career goals.

We have a commitment to ensure that our clients receive the best advise and decision support so that they feel happy about their university shortlist and are therefore able to thrive and achieve academically. Our advisory team is trained to work with clients from diverse academic disciplines and as part of the team we have other advisors support the application process. Our advisory team works with you to understand your professional goals and helps identify the ‘best-fit’ schools that are most consistent with your career goals.


3. Application Documentation

Compelling application documents that help you stand out.

Our admissions advisory team advises you on any specific and supplemental essays. To complement the thorough outlining and drafting guidance we provide, all essays are reviewed by an Engagement Auditor, who provides both strategic and stylistic feedback on all application documents. A proofreader then reads the finalised drafts to ensure that the essays are error free and ready for submission. We think through your profile, build a holistic storyline, and compile compelling application documents that help you stand out among the competition.



You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment.

In admissions interviews, your job is to convince the admissions committee that you have the skills, knowledge, and motivation for the demanding graduate-level coursework. Taking the time to prepare for the interview in advance can help you secure an offer. Our admissions advisors prepare applicants for interviews by identifying common interview questions, and help prepare structured answers to those questions. We also conduct mock interviews to ensure that the client is fully prepared.


5. Scholarships & Financing

Compelling application documents that help you stand out.

After you have submitted your applications and received your admit, our admissions advisors provide strategic advice on scholarships, financing schemes, waitlist management, and school selection if you’re admitted to multiple programs. For scholarships, applicants need to demonstrate their conviction to their field of interest and drive to achieve high academic stature. We have helped select candidates find diverse scholarships and stipends for certain programs. For another segment of clients, we have organised student loans at attractive interest rates that allowed them pursue their aspiration to study abroad. For clients with skills in high demand (e.g. software developers), we have provided insights that helped them secure internships within 6 months of starting their studies. During our individual advisory sessions, we consider your profile with finances in mind and recommend opportunities based on the strength of your profile.

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