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Individual Guidance

A process to International universities is overwhelming. We work closely with you one-on-one and personally guide you step-by-step throughout the entire process.

European Legacy

As graduates of European universities, we deliver 1st-hand experiences that both, help you secure an admit and prepare you for a successful academic life in Europe.

Strategic Perspective

We take a long-term view of your career and advise you on both, the tactical aspects of admissions process and your career prospects after your graduation.

Real-word Insights

We share real-world admissions and job market insights during our engagement that help you both, get a competitive edge and enhance your admission chances.


Our relationship extends beyond your admissions. Due to our European presence, we can support you through your critical Internship and Job Search phases.

Career Spectrum

Most consultancies specialize either in admissions or career services. We offer the entire spectrum of services to support you at the most critical stages of your career.

Unbiased Feedback

Tust underpins our client engagements. We offer unbiased and objective feedback based on your profile strengths. We do not mislead clients by claiming affiliation with academic institutions or promise admits that we can’t deliver.

Client confidentiality

We treat each client engagement with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. We never re-use materials from our previous client engagements nor share your data outside your engagement.


We deliver complete transparency from the universities we shortlist, the criteria we used, etc. We do not withhold crucial information or manipulate facts to give you a false sense of hope or put you at a disadvantage.


You own all the artefacts (documents) that we create on your behalf during the engagement. We do not hoard any material to use as leverage against you. By design and control, once the engagement is complete, we longer have access to your materials. Your documents are truly yours and truly unique.

Relationship Focus

Each client-engagement is our chance to forge new, long-term relationships with future leaders. We build long-term, trust-based clients relationships, partake in their achievements, and celebrate their career successes.

Value Transparency

We go so far as to transparently list the prices for our individual services; very few consultancies do that. No information asymmetry! You should know what you’re buying from us! We make sure that you do! At several stages!




Can I speak with you before I purchase your services?2021-11-04T21:12:47+01:00

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we strongly advocate for this approach.

Beyond the pure delivery of our services, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, partake in their achievements, and celebrate their career successes.

Chemistry‘ determines the fit between whether we can achieve the shared outcome – admit / landing a job.

This foundation shapes and powers the arduous activities that we collaborate on.

A conversation before your purchase will clearly reveal the resonance or the lack thereof.

Hence, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us to explore this.

What are my career prospects after graduation?2021-11-04T21:01:32+01:00

This depends largely on the subject of your studies. In addition, the job market is very dynamic and the requirements change very 3 years.

We serve both, prospective students and job seekers, so we have a reasonably good insight into the job market to reasonably project your job prospects after your graduation.

We use these insights to advise you on your choice of courses, competition to those courses, your admissions chances, etc.

We ‘work backwards’ from the job market / further studies (e.g. PhD / MBA) scenario, putting ourselves in your shoes and projecting your ‘employability‘, 3, 5 and 10 years down the lane.

We then advise you based on real market data, rather than our personal judgments or preferences with our findings.

Depending on our findings, we advise you the appropriate course to pursue.

Could you help me apply to USA / Canada / Australia?2021-11-04T21:01:02+01:00

We specialize in admissions to European universities. Though there are similarities in the admissions process and application document requirements between European universities and the other Anglo-Saxon universities, we focus on European admissions process.

So, we advise you to approach consultants that specialize in the application process to USA / Canada / Australia.

Which European countries can you help me apply to for my higher studies?2021-11-04T21:01:02+01:00

Since 2015, we have been helping students secure admits across several European countries, including the UK.

Our past clients have secured admissions to institutions in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Finland, and Belgium.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in studying at an institution located in a country that’s not on this list, we could help you with application process, as we have the data and insights on the European academic landscape that we can access for your benefit.

Do you also help me with visa?2021-11-04T21:01:02+01:00

If required, we provide guidance in filing your visa application. But, we do not submit your visa application on your behalf, as that tantamounts to ‘impersonation’, which could get both, you and us in legal trouble.

Nevertheless, we share advise and materials that help you prepare your visa application, supporting documents, etc.

In short, we teach you the nuances, so you are self-sufficient and are well prepared to tackle the visa challenges on your own with our guidance.

How will the engagement process work if you’re located in Germany and I am located in country XYZ?2021-11-04T21:01:02+01:00

Since 2015 (when we entered this business) i.e. long before COVID-19 transformed the world to virtual mode of working, we have been delivering our services remotely through online tools.

As a result, we have optimized our processes to leverage data, technology and connectivity to:

  • deliver a high quality of service
  • overcome geographical and timezone constraints
  • leverage data as a central aspect of our advisory process
  • automation to reduce inefficiencies and save cost, and
  • pass on those savings to our customers

We use a range of proprietary and open source technologies to collaborate remotely, track progress and assemble compelling application documents.

These tools and our engagement process helps deliver a seamless engagement experience and satisfied customers.

Can I speak to some references before purchasing your services?2021-11-04T21:01:02+01:00

Client confidentiality is a central tenet we adhere to. We do not disclose our previous clients or the services we rendered.

Furthermore, as a European legal entity, we comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

So, we won’t share any client references, before, during or after your purchase.

Likewise, if you engage us for your admissions, we won’t share your information with our future prospects.

This is a non-negotiable principle that we staunchly adhere to, so we can preserve our client confidentiality and trust, even if it means losing some prospective clients.

Your privacy, especially in the context of admissions and your future career, is a very serious business to us.

Can I pay for your services after I have secured an admit?2021-11-04T21:01:02+01:00

As a German legal entity, we comply with the laws that govern Professional Services organizations like INTRVU.

Legally, we are obliged to collect a binding retainer before we can render our services.

Hence, payment after you have secured an admit is not permissible.

We do, however, accept your payments in installments. We charge a 10% surcharge for this option.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your payment schedule to work our a convenient scheme.

Will you submit my applications on my behalf?2021-11-04T21:01:02+01:00

We are aware that several admissions consultancies offer this service, but we do NOT submit applications on your behalf.

Doing so is ‘impersonation’ and could get you exmatriculated. So, we never submit applications on behalf of our clients.

We do, however, prepare you to submit applications on your own and guide you through the portals, so you don’t have any last-minute surprises.

What is the duration of your engagement?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

On average, our client engagements last anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 weeks, depending on your availability and responsiveness.

We have optimized our processes and automated several manual steps to avoid losing valuable time, so you can focus your efforts where they most matter:

  • Application documents, and
  • Submitting applications

Nevertheless, we understand that working professionals that aspire to study abroad could be pressed for time. So, we plan our engagements considering the amount of time you can invest and your availability to minimize latency and overcome dependencies.

Is there racism in Europe?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

As far as we have experienced our lives in Europe, we have observed no racism. There are a few cases that were reported by the Press where some International students were abused due to their race. Fortunately, none our clients have experienced racism of any kind in Europe. In general, Europe is an inclusive and equitable society. Racism that the International students experienced are exceptions than the rule.

I have poor grades. Should I still apply?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

The short answer is, yes! There are several reasons why your grades ended up low. Approximately 67% of our clients have relatively weak academic scores.

But, that should not discourage you from applying to European academic institutions.

Your undergraduate grades carry a significant weight (67%) to your overall application. To overcome weaker undergraduate grades, your overall application package should be solid. Grades are a significant, but not the only contributor to your application success.

There are several additional strategies, such as high test scores, extra-curriculular activities, social engagements, etc. that can bolster your candidature. Furthermore, your CV, Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter, Application Essays, etc. should present a compelling candidature to enhance your chances.

During our discovery call and profile deep-dive, we appraise your overall candidature and analyse the reasons for your poor grades to architect your individual application strategy and tactics to overcome those shortcomings. Then, we use this information and insights to shortlist universities that better suit your profile.

Throughout the engagement, we will collaboratively refine the approach to maximise the application throughput and improve your odds of a positive outcome.

Will you decrease your fees in the future?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

Since 2015, our fees have gone down from € 1759 (in 2015) to € 849 (in 2021) over 5 price cuts. We have made several innovations in our engagement process and tools that have resulted in substantial costs and efficiency improvements. We pass on these savings to our clients by decreasing our prices. As a current / prospective client, you benefit from the learning and innovations we gathered from our previous engagements.

Do you offer group discounts?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

Yes. Due to synergies that we can leverage across clients with similar profiles, we offer discounts on packages purchased as a group. We require a group size of at least 5 to offer this discount. Please contact us for the discount that we can offer to your group.

What makes your different from other admissions consultants?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

We incredibly obsess over our clients. Our clients approach us with their career aspirations. In other words, our clients TRUST us with their careers. We take this very seriously. We do not trifle with our clients’ careers to win short-term business. Instead, we take on a long-term career view of our clients’ careers and work backwards. We fully understand that any decision or recommendation we make has a long term impact on our clients’ careers. To achieve this, we have installed mechanisms to ensure that we adhere to our core principles. For example, we always start each engagement with a Discovery Call, during which we dive deep into our clients’ real career motivations to both, architect an application strategy and advise them on the appropriate overall career strategy. To provide an example, we have recognized strong business acumen with some of our clients and recommended them to pursue business courses instead of engineering programs. Those clients went on to graduate with highest scholarships and land full-time opportunities at global organizations as HSBC, Amazon, Novartis, Microsoft, etc. We look around the corner and provide career advise based on both, our clients’ passions / strengths and European job market demands. Many local consultancies lack the insights we possess to provide higher education aspirants with the advise that we could offer due to our geographical advantage. In addition, we leverage data and technology to closely monitor market developments, such as emerging skills needs, staff capabilities, etc. These differentiators enable us to provide the kind of holistic service to our clients.

Can you promise me an admit?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

No, we do not promise our clients that we will secure an admit for them. In our view, promising our clients that we can secure them an admit is highly unethical. This is because most German public universities independently make admit / reject decisions. No private sector market player (as INTRVU) cannot influence their decisions. We do, however, employ our experience, software tools and data, market insights, and network to help clients maximize their admissions chances. So far, 99.99% of our clients have achieved their objectives of securing admits to European academic institutions. Our transparency, customer obsession and diligence in each client engagement has helped achieve this success rate, despite our ‘no promises’ posture. We do not set unrealistic expectations among our clients to secure their business. So, we cannot promise an admit. We do, however, promise an excellent quality of service and individual attention that our clients deserve.

Why don’t I see any of your previous clients on your website?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

We treat each client engagement with the utmost sensitivity, client-confidentiality and privacy. As a German legal entity, we strictly adhere to and comply with GDPR regulations. We understand the marketing and sales mileage that we can gather from publishing client testimonials and our clients’ pictures. However, in the unforgiving cosmos called the Internet and the long-term memory it preserves, we adopt a strictly conservative posture in preserving our clients’ privacy preferences. Hence, we do not and will not publish any client testimonials or pictures on our Digital assets, including this website.

Why should I engage you?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

We bring deep insights based on current admission dynamics and market insights that our International clients do not have access to. As a prospective applicant to European academic institutions, having these insights during the application process helps enhance your chances of securing an admit. Our personalized, 1-to-1 services, access to current admissions data, software tools, and empirical learning gathered from guiding applicants since 2015 are assets that our clients benefit from. If you want to gain from these aspects to maximize your admissions chances, you are well advised to engage us.

What is an ‘engagement’?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

Engagement is the term we use for our client projects. Our clients in the center of everything we do. We chose the term Engagement to signify the long-term nature of relationships we nurture with our clients. As most of our clients aspire to study in Europe, we adopt a long-term posture to these relationships. We proffer advise and recommendations to our clients during their Internship and / or Job search as well. With local admissions consultants, the relationship ends when you secure an admit / get a reject from a European academic institution. But, to us, this is just the beginning of a relationship. Once you’re in Europe, we’ll invite you to our career seminars and workshops to enhance your career chances. We view ourselves as your extended family in Europe. Hence, the term Engagement.

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