Among other requirements for getting a permission to study in Germany and/or applying for a student German visa as a foreigner, is to prove possessing a document known as Finanzierungsnachweis – or proof of the one’s sufficient financial means. Such requisite applies as a form to guarantee that a foreign student is able to support himself financially during his studies in Germany. Such document is essential in few cases, such as when a candidate applies to get a German student visa, or when applies for university admission in a German university, or/and to get a residence permit once in Germany. However, the common form for many international students to prove their financial ability to study in Germany yet remains a blocked account in a German bank.

As you want to consider all the potential forms of proving one’s ability to cope with living and semester costs of studies in Germany; a blocked bank account in Germany is surely one of the top options to many. In such case, a candidate must be able to provide owning € 8,640 per annum in his/her disposition, deposited inside a personal blocked bank account in Germany. Additional forms in this regard can also be the following: an evidencing document of the parent’s sufficient financial assets and incomes, a German resident guaranteeing to cover candidate’s costs, a bank guarantee as well as an evidence of a gained scholarship.

In such case, questions and concerns about how one can open and run a blocked account before actually arriving in Germany, bothers anyone who chooses a blocked bank account with needed sufficient means as a form to cope with financial requirements to study in Germany. To make it easier, next we will illustrate in detail the procedures for opening a bank account in just few simple administrative steps.

Opening a Blocked Bank Account (Sperrkonto) in Germany

Opening a Blocked Bank Account in Germany is the first thing you do to prove your financial ability to cope with study and living costs in Germany during studies there. This is an easy process involving procedures ranging from the exploration of opportunities to selecting the Bank in Germany where you want to open the blocked account, up to receiving the official bank confirmation.

It is important to keep in mind that the application process for a blocked account must be done well in advance as it can take weeks or much longer before you apply for visa or before the semester begins. You either can open a bank account when in home country either through German diplomatic office or in a branch of German bank in your country, but in both cases punctuality must be a matter of a high consideration.

If you are a foreigner to whom visa restriction with Germany still applies than you will need to open a blocked account in a German bank while you are in your home country, as an essential requirement when applying for a visa.

In such case, the Embassy or Consulate of Germany in your country serves as an attesting authority for the administrative procedure of opening a bank account. As an alternative form to open a blocked bank account in Germany is by applying directly in one of the branches of the chosen bank in your country.

First Scenario – Opening a Blocked Bank Account through a German Diplomatic Office in your Country

This is what you should take care of in case you need the German diplomatic office attestation:

  1. Download the application form for opening a blocked bank account from the official website of Deutsche Bank
  2. Fill in the application form, leaving empty the following sections: date, place and signature–as they must be filled in when you certify the documents in the German diplomatic office later
  3. Set an appointment through e-mail or phone to the German Embassy or Consulate of your country to get your application certified or attested
  4. When in German diplomatic office, you must provide the following documents for attestation: two printed copies of appropriately filled in Application Form of chosen bank – filling in date, place sections and putting your signature in front of the diplomatic office officer, Passport and a colored copy of passport, ID of your country, two passport size photos, letter of university admission, verification fee as well as e-mail confirmation for the appointment date (Note: the attestation fee charged by the diplomatic office is 20 Euro)
  5. As you finish with documents verification by local German Embassy or Consulate, mail them on the Bank’s Address in Germany (as it is typically written in the application form)
  6. The Bank in Germany will in short (usually within a week) send you an email confirming you about an opened bank account together with account details
  7. As you have received the above confirmation email from the bank, you can transfer € 8,640 to this account from one of the local banks in your country (Note: transaction fee might is about 50 or more Euros). 

Second Scenario – Opening a Blocked Bank Account directly in a Branch of Deutsche Bank in your Country

This is what you should take care of in case you apply directly in one of the branches of a Deutsche Bank in your country:

  1. Visit a branch of Deutsche Bank in your country and open a Saving Bank Account in that German Bank by filling in the application form,
  2. Apply for a blocked bank account by providing the following documents: colored passport copy and passport, local ID, two passport size photos, university admission letter and deposit € 8,640
  3. Soon the Bank provides you an email confirming you an opened blocked account in the German Bank, together with account details
  4. Once you receive that confirmation email you can transfer the money from saving to your blocked bank account.


Do not send your documents as attached scans by e-mail or by fax; the Deutsche bank only accepts originals.

Deutsche Bank Privat und Geschäftskunden AG
Service Center Hamburg / Ausländische Studenten
Alter Wall 53
20457 Hamburg

Withdrawing Your Money from a Blocked Account in Germany

Even that study fees in Germany are abolished anymore by almost all higher education institutions in Germany, yet symbolic semester fees are applicable. And so, as soon as you arrive in Germany you will need to pay semester fee as one of the requirements to enroll in studies, as well as to pay the rent and cover essential living costs. That is why you will immediately need to withdraw money from your opened blocked account in Germany.

That is why you must plan before by setting an appointment, and visiting upon arrival a branch of the bank you choose in order to take the permission for using your blocked bank account with € 8,640 blocked deposits on it. The bank officer will offer you a Eurocheque-Karte or EC Card to withdraw money from an ATM Machine and online banking id and password.