The latest in the series of workshops conducted by INTRVU in association with ISG was held at Bonn on the 24 th of June in association with Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung (ZEF), University of Bonn.

The workshop began with the opening remarks by Dr. Saravanan Subramanian, Senior Researcher in department of Political and Cultural Change, ZEF who welcomed the gathering and spoke about the activities carried out by ZEF.

Next, Dr. Bala Ramani, man behind ISG who explained the role of ISG which functions as the officially recognized student initiative from the Embassy of India.

This was followed by an interactive presentation from representatives of Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM). CIM, a joint venture of the German Federal Employment Agency taps the potential that global migration offers for sustainable development.

Finally, it was preceded by the ‘Job Strategy’ workshop by INTRVU. Around 60 enthusiastic students participated in the workshop which gave a complete over view on the job application scenario in Germany. Experts from the field Mr Mithun Sridharan and Mr. R.V Thulasinath shared their insights and experience on how the recruiters hire a candidate for a job and decoded the Application Tracking System (ATS) which plays a vital role in processing a candidate’s job application. Tips on writing a sound CV and Cover letter was given which the participants duly jolted down.

In the end of the presentation Ms. Najat Bouamoud, from Accenture shared her insights on how major firms like Accenture recruits candidate for a specific position. She also gave vital inputs on the dress code that should be followed by women during a job interview. She emphasized the importance of more women candidates filling the top positions in leading firm.

Overall the event was a huge success with the student community hoping for much such events to be held in future.