Idea in short

Not all prospective applicants to German universities know the major parts of your expenses every month. From our experience and analysis, we bring you the 10 major expenses for every student, who is living and studying in Germany. The major expenses are:

  1. House rent
  2. Health insurance
  3. Food
  4. Personal stuff
  5. Semester fees
  6. Travel
  7. Vacations
  8. Sports
  9. Miscellaneous expenses
  10. Going home

House rent

For every student, House Rent takes up a major share in their monthly expense. The amount ranges from 180 to 300 euros. And, it depends on the way you live. For instance, a shared apartment will cost relatively less; in case you are renting an entire apartment, it may cost you more.

Health insurance

Similar to the house rent, the Health Insurance takes up roughly 80 euros per month. It is mandatory that all the students have a Health Insurance for the duration of their stay in Germany, There are different companies, such as AOK, DAK, Allianz, etc.,that offer the Health Insurance. I recommend Techniker Krankenkasse as I feel this insurance is recognised by most doctors and hospitals.


This is the one category that differs from person-to-person. If you are plan to do your own cooking and occasionally eat out, then you will save a lot of money in this category; else, you may end up spending more. On an average, this category comes up to 80 to 100 euros per month.

Personal stuff

Every two or three months, you will spend on clothing, shoes, and other personal stuff. It may cost around 100 euros per two months, depending on the store you buy. It may not be a monthly expense, but it is also a major factor to be considered.

Semester fees

Yes, you heard it right! Semester Fees!! But, you might have heard its totally free to study in Germany. The thing is that, you pay semester fees to get the semester ticket, which allows you to travel for free in the local transportation and also in and around the state in DB Bahn trains. The semester fees comes around 250 euros and it needs to be paid only once in a semester or twice a year.


It is free for you to travel in your city or take a regional train inside your state with your Semester ticket. But, if you want to use a local transport service in some other city or if you want to go and meet your friend in another part of Germany, then you will be spending for travel and it may cost roughly 30 euros, and it varies depending on the place you go.


The student visa allows you to travel freely to 18 countries in European Union. So, let us assume you go to a vacation once a year, It depends on the place you are going to visit and hence it comes roughly to 200 euros, once a year.


The are other expenses, which come from some extra-curricular activities like Gym, Sports registration in the University, etc., This category may come up to 50 to 70 euros for every semester.

Miscellaneous expenses

Some Miscellaneous expenses like Clubbing, going to Pubs or other events may cost upto 100 euros for every six months.

Going home

This is again up to you, most of you may want to go back to your home country once a year, so as to visit your family. This again varies from 600 euros to 800 euros and it is once a year expense.