For every student, who is applying for his/her studies in an International programme, IELTS/TOEFL is mandatory irrespective of the country. It is that time of the year, where most of the students would have started to prepare for these exams. There are so many institutes which offer various trainings and coaching for these exams, but there are some courses that are available online from the reputed sources, which are more than enough for the students to score well.

Did you know? IELTS is called as International English Language Testing System. It is more popular and there are a couple of courses that anyone can take to score better.

Link 1: British Council (

Link 2: edX (! )

Did you know? TOEFL is called as Test Of English as Foreign Language. Here is a course provided by ETS, who is hosting all the TOEFL and GRE exams.

Link: edX ( )

I hope that, these courses must be useful to each and every aspirant and help them in a long run.