Thulasinath Raman Venkatesan

About Thulasinath Raman Venkatesan

Thulasinath Raman Venkatesan (Thulasi) is an avid reader and writer. He is a university rank holder during his Bachelor’s degree in Plastics Technology from Central Institute of Plastics engineering and Technology (CIPET), Government of India. As a Sales Officer for V5 Polymers Private Limited in Chennai, India as Sales Officer, Thulasi handled the marketing and sales of plastics and polymeric raw materials throughout South India and offered technological service to plastic industries. After finishing his Masters degree in Polymer Science in a Joint Degree program offered by several leading Universities in Berlin and Potsdam, he is currently pursuing his PhD degree. He is also a professional speaker who has given presentations and speeches in various International conferences and events. He leads the Admissions Service Line at INTRVU and has helped several hundred students with the admission process with a 100% success rate.
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