When it comes to gossip, this colleague is never far away. Relationship problems, spreading rumours – any topic makes the heart of the gossiper beat faster. News – whether they are confirmed or not – are their primary motivation to appear at the workplace at all. The problem is that this office character may, sometimes, forget the other really important things to be done beyond gossiping. No question, the gossiper is one of the rather unpopular colleague types, yet hardly anyone wants to make do without their insider knowledge.

Characteristics of gossiper

Gossiping, as a female phenomenon, is simply wrong! There are also men who are constantly on the lookout for a brand-new story or a secret. If the new fodder is been found, it has not yet complete. The chatter-clerk has made it his personal task to disseminate the information discreetly, regardless of whether the colleagues want it or not.

As the hub of information, the gossiper plays an important role in the organisational structure of the office. After all, it may well be that he has something really important to report. Most of the time, however, their information is hot, because this fellow guy simply loves to be the centre of attention and to be heard – no matter what.

The permanent collection and dissemination of alleged office news leads to the fact that the gossiper is well-networked and always informed. Their behaviour also and work ethic leaves much to be desired. In general, the gossiper can be classified as harmless. However, their talk can also render some serious damage. In any case, it is extremely annoying, because it massively affects the workflow in the office.

Gosspier at a glance

  • Always looking for rumors, gossip and gossip
  • Blasphemous
  • Disseminates the information gladly, even when unasked for and unconfirmed truths
  • Can cause damage with their behaviour
  • Loves attention
  • Likes to be the focus
  • Is very well networked in the office
  • Deficient in work ethics
  • Can severely affect the workflow
  • Annoys many colleagues
  • Is still important, because at the centre of information exchange

How to I deal with the gossiper?

In order to answer this question adequately, you should implement two scenarios:

  • You are interested in the stories of the gossiper
  • You are annoyed by the rumors

It is perfectly normal to be interested in office gossip. This has also leads to the fact that it is better to stay away from office gossip if your career is important to you. Listening to the latest stories of the chatterbox every now and then is okay. However, make sure that you do not waste too much time and do not take an active part. Such behaviour will definitely adversely affect your status in the office. Before you know, you may become a victim of another meaningless gossip!

If you are annoyed by the constant gossiping and the lack of work of the clarity, then only one thing helps: speak it directly and definitely with the gossiper, but kindly mention that such behaviour is not appropriate. It is also helpful to give the gossiper no attention. If she has no one that listens to her reports, the energy wane pretty quickly.

In general, you should always maintain a certain distance when you interact with the gossiper. Be friendly, but do not talk about personal or professional topics that are very emotional. Every little piece of information is fodder for the gossiper, who immediately turns it into a sensational story. For this type of office colleague, extreme caution is advised.