Is having a stellar resume a good enough substitute to having a LinkedIn profile? I have a great resume, so I don’t need a LinkedIn profile, right?

I was asked this question on multiple occasions. LinkedIn profile is different from a professional resume in several ways:

  1. Unlike a CV / Resume, a LinkedIn profile maximises your Inbound opportunities, even when you are not actively looking for a job. If you are not on LinkedIn, recruiters and potential employers have very few channels to check out your job history or accomplishments
  2. Unlike a resume, a LinkedIn profile allows you to engage with, grow and nurture your professional network as well as reach out to a wider audience. These activities help build your professional brand
  3. Your LinkedIn profile is a dynamic and living document. A resume is a static document – it’s a snapshot of your career at a particular moment in time
  4. A well-written LinkedIn profile lets your personality shine through in a way that a resume cannot
  5. LinkedIn profile gives you the flexibility and space to craft your own narrative and be your own storyteller through:
    1. a portfolio of your work
    2. recommendations & endorsements
    3. writing samples

The bottom line is that if you are neglecting your LinkedIn profile, you are crippling your chances and putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage among the competition.