Shortly before and after Christmas, many companies are assessing their personnel requirements. During this period, the clocks are now going slower and gradually companies are all set for the end of the year. While some are already in the Christmas holiday, the others are still busy completing all the important projects. Still others are now reviewing the year and are also thinking about new strategies for the upcoming fiscal year. But does it make any sense to send applications now in December? In this article, we have compiled a few pro and contra arguments.

What speaks for applying in December?

First of all, it can be said that not many people in December find time to write applications. They will, therefore, have to deal with comparatively little competition. If a company writes out a position, it is quite legitimate to apply for it in the pre-Christmas period. In this case, you can not do anything wrong. When offices are occupied between the years i.e. between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is usually not the usual, hectic bustle. Most other people – whether they are colleagues, customers or business partners – are finally on holiday. When an interesting application folder flutters into the house, this provides for fresh wind and variety. The likelihood of giving your documents more attention than the rest of the year is large.

And even if your documents are not processed any more in the old year, they are still on the desk. If, at the beginning of the next year, talks about possible restructuring and new appointments, it may well be an advantage if your application portfolio already lies with the potential employer.


Prerequisite for an application

Your documents must be flawless and arouse the interest of the company.

Last but not least, it is recommended to use the contemplative days end of the year, if you have hardly time to write applications for the rest of the year. Treat yourself to a cup of tea, a few Christmas cookies and your favorite music and work your way to your application documents. Care will surely pay off.

What appeals to an application in December

Let us now turn to the shadow of this theme. After all, not every company is looking forward to receiving applications in the Christmas season – even more so if they were sent without any job vacancies. Unsolicited applications in December are a delicate issue. In general, you should wait until the new year before you introduce yourself to your wish-maker. The big problem is that when a job is not advertised, it usually means that the company has just enough other things to do. Looking at applications and interviewing? Absolutely no way. Much more important now are annual accounts and inventories, salary talks and the sending of the Christmas gifts to the customers. Especially if the company you wish to apply for has concluded between the years, the sending of an application should be thoroughly considered.


Applications in the pre-Christmas period can be successful … but they do not need to be!

In principle, you should note the following: Applications to a posted job are also useful in the pre-Christmas period. Unsolicited applications, on the other hand, can be described as far less recommendable. In any case, it is important that you take the time to create a careful application portfolio. This should be individually and creatively designed to stand out from the crowd. As many companies are starting new projects at the start of the new year, and new jobs are created, it is quite advantageous if your high-quality application is already on the table. Therefore, our final recommendation is: Write your applications quietly towards the end of the year.