SERIES: Student Jobs

Idea in short

As a student with BAföG, a side job is generally allowed. However, the BAföG claim depends on the income of the student and can be reduced with a side job.

For the income in addition to the BAföG, there is an allowance. At the BAföG maximum rate, this amounts to about € 5,400 per year. That’s about 450 euros a month. For the BAföG office, however, the monthly installment is not decisive – the allowance may be earned in any amount over the entire period to which the BAföG is calculated. However, one must note that also holiday and Christmas money are included in this calculation, if this is paid. For self-employment, another rule applies – here, the allowance is slightly lower. Monthly fluctuations do not pose a problem. This income limit counts for single, childless persons.

If the student has several part-time jobs, the income will be added together. Everything that is ultimately above the allowance is split over 12 months and deducted from the BAföG.

An example:

If the student earns 6,000 euros in the year of BAföG application, 600 euros is more than the free allowance. Divided into 12 months are thus monthly 50 euros less, which receives the student from the office.


SERIES: Student Jobs