Management Consulting is a $26 billion industry and is growing in leaps and bounds. Getting into Management Consulting firms is insanely competitive and preparation is essential. Our Consulting Bootcamp offers a tremendous opportunity to learn from world-class experts and Management Consultants currently working at such prestigious firms as Accenture, McKinsey, KPMG, to name a few. In such a bootcamp, you will engage in immersive learning – not only learning the strategy frameworks in consultants’ toolkits, but also thinking, structuring, and articulating your recommendations – just as practising Management Consultants do in their daily job advising CEOs of leading industry organisations. You don’t just watch an expert at work – you’re the Consultant yourself. We offer Bootcamps for graduate students and MBA candidates. If you are part of a consulting club or a career services professional at a business school or academic institution, get in touch with us to organise a bootcamp at your organisation.

Consulting frameworks may be a concept foreign to many professionals, but is near and dear to all Management Consultants. If you are thinking about a career in consulting, you should be familiar with the basic business frameworks in preparation for consulting case interviews. Case interviews have been used since McKinsey has been created in 1926 and really look like they are here to stay. Because doing well in cases requires the same skills that consultants use. Your performance on case studies accounts for at least 50% (and usually more) of your “score” in determining offers.

With sufficient preparation, you will confidently tackle the critical case interviews. You will also learn how to critically analyze and classify complex, real-world challenges, and recommend sound strategies using proven frameworks. Every aspiring consulting applicant is troubled with these questions:

  1. What is a case interview?
  2. How is it set up?
  3. What am I being asked to do?
  4. How do I master it?

Simply put, a case interview is where you are asked to solve a business problem, on the fly, with limited information. The goal of the case interview isn’t necessarily to get you to solve the business problem – it’s to see if you can think like a consultant, whether you can think on your feet, if the numbers you produce are logical, and if you can be trusted to communicate key insights in front of a CEO client. Get the skills you’ll need to become a professional consultant in a Management Consulting firm. Being part of an engagement team, you will have to solve five client cases following a generic problem-solving method typically used by consulting firms. Our bootcamp is designed to inspire students and provide the confidence they need to be a successful consultant. Students leave ready to showcase their unique thinking, skills and experience.

  • Understand the benefits of pursuing a consulting career
  • Understand the required skills and aptitudes for being an effective consultant
  • Being agile on the interview without acting randomly
  • Gain insights relevant to case interviews

The course is divided into lectures, case analysis, case presentation, and case discussion. Each module introduces you to a new framework, while workshop sessions allow you to put these tools to the test. In this program, students receive a rigorous, hands-on education in assessing industry structure, market dynamics, cost & revenue models, analyse sources of growth, and building sustainable competitive advantage. Cases also examine best practices in M&A, strategic planning, and stretch budgeting. Whether new to strategy or seeking a refresher, managers will find this course an essential addition to your toolbox for success. This bootcamp will cover:

  1. Basic business concepts
  2. Analytical, structured-thinking
  3. Problem formulation
  4. Structuring your approach
  5. Consulting frameworks
  6. Business-oriented creativity and insight
  7. Communication and presentation

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