Today, career success in the global economy depends on how well you can interact with peoples from cultures different than your own. Ranging from overseas work to forging international business partnerships, the need for intercultural competence is permeates every occupational realm. The ability to read and react accordingly to the diverse socio-cultural norms is extremely important. Communicating with people from different cultures is interesting, but it can also be tedious due to cultural and linguistic barriers. Our cultural awareness workshops will help overcome such barriers and develop your cultural intelligence – the first step towards becoming a truly global citizen.

Culture impacts everything we do, at work, and at home. While cultural values, beliefs, and norms are invisible, they fundamentally influence our behavior – in many ways we do not realize! The influence of cross-cultural differences on your career success is becoming increasingly evident today. Ignoring the risks of cross-cultural differences lead to misunderstandings, which could jeopardize your career!

  • Enhanced cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • Understanding of the impact of cultural diversity
  • Foundation and tools for cultural competence
  • Overcoming cultural challenges in the modern workplace
  • Tools to reduce cross-cultural misunderstanding
  • Promoting positive cross-cultural working relationships
  • Introduction to cultural awareness
  • Cultural values and attitudes
  • Communication styles
  • Cross-cultural management skills
  • Working together across cultures
  • Overcoming language issues
  • Tips and strategies for specific countries

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