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Landing your dream job requires more than writing a Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter using a template you downloaded off the Internet. You should build a compelling candidate profile. This requires an enhanced understanding of the recruitment landscape, job application process, application frameworks and a proven methodology. This workshop, delivered in English, will expose you – the participant – to critical facets of the job application process. This workshop will address the German recruitment environment in-depth. You will also learn several practical insights, tools, structured processes, interview frameworks, components of the job application documents (Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, Portfolios, etc.) and strategies that give you an edge over other applicants. You will also learn techniques to deconstruct the job description to identify the ‘core requirements’ and to critically review and compile your application package. This workshop offers a structured preparation to get the most from your job search efforts and equips you with tactics to differentiate yourself in the competitive landscape.