The short answer is, yes! There are several reasons why your grades ended up low. Approximately 67% of our clients have relatively weak academic scores.

But, that should not discourage you from applying to European academic institutions.

Your undergraduate grades carry a significant weight (67%) to your overall application. To overcome weaker undergraduate grades, your overall application package should be solid. Grades are a significant, but not the only contributor to your application success.

There are several additional strategies, such as high test scores, extra-curriculular activities, social engagements, etc. that can bolster your candidature. Furthermore, your CV, Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter, Application Essays, etc. should present a compelling candidature to enhance your chances.

During our discovery call and profile deep-dive, we appraise your overall candidature and analyse the reasons for your poor grades to architect your individual application strategy and tactics to overcome those shortcomings. Then, we use this information and insights to shortlist universities that better suit your profile.

Throughout the engagement, we will collaboratively refine the approach to maximise the application throughput and improve your odds of a positive outcome.