Tools for prospective students and applicants to graduate programs

In today’s job and admissions market, it’s common to submit applications for many positions or universities, respectively. That involves lots of time and lots to keep track of. You don’t want to squander your resources by missing important deadlines, confusing companies, sending unprofessional applications, and in general, tardiness. Properly managing the application process is just as important as identifying opportunities and submitting your application. We have developed several tools from our own experience and client engagements for admissions and job candidates to make your life easier and to give you a competitive edge.


Getting into a top graduate school is not easy. You decide to seek the services of an expert admissions consultant. There are dozens of admissions consulting firms to choose from. Deciding on the right admissions consultant to help you get admitted to your target schools can become a bit overwhelming. To help find the right consultant, we’ve created a structured tool – iQualify – that helps you find out the right partner for your admissions. iQualify is an spreadsheet application to help prospective applicants objectively evaluate admissions consultants. This tool asks crucial questions that help document, evaluate, compare, and shortlist admissions consultants. Use a structured approach and objective criteria to evaluate admissions consultants before you engage them to achieve your strategic career goals.



Selection a university to pursue higher education has long-term repercussions throughout your career, not to mention the costs involved in applying to universities. Many students believe that shortlisting universities according to their rankings is the best method to choose the right university. Our own experience and that of our clients has shown otherwise. We have identified several important attributes that are tied to your success with the admissions process, studies at the university of your choice, and post-graduate success. The uQualify tool offers a well-thought out structure to identify, shortlist, select, apply, and choose among the universities available based on your profile. Use a structured approach and important criteria to select, compare, shortlist and make informed decisions about universities that best suit your profile.



Competition to German universities is getting intense everyday with students from all over the world vying for a place at a coveted institution. In such scenario, it is difficult to evaluate your chances of an admit without real-time data. Discover2 captures prospective applicants’ profile information and evaluates admission chances based on real-time data from prospective applicants. Your inputs give us a helicopter view of your profile, which we use to classify you in a candidate profile cluster, evaluate your profile strength, and calculate your chances of getting an admit from the schools you applied to. Furthermore, based on historical data and your profile information, we recommend the right schools to target and your chances of securing an admit.