Finding the right job / internship – one that is rewarding, meaningful, and enjoyable – is one of the most challenging things you will ever do. With today’s tough job market, it’s important that you find your competitive edge. An outside opinion can help guide you in times of uncertainty, such as during a job or internship search. Our career services cover everything you need – from creating a compelling CV to nailing interviews.



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The right time to hire a career coach varies from person to person. Some people don’t realize they need a career coach until they find themselves struggling to get past initial interviews. Other people hire a coach the minute they realise they aren’t getting results from their 100’s of job / internship applications a.k.a carpet bombing.

In general, the longer you wait, the fewer job openings are at your disposal. Even worse, the chances that HR in some of those organisations recognises your redundant and desperate applications to blacklist you from further consideration.

In general, it is far better to engage us early in the process to have a clear and structured application strategy, identify target companies, and compelling application documents to maximise your application outcomes by sending out as few applications as possible.


Present a baselined version of your professional life.

Hiring managers are extremely busy people and it’s important to convey your qualifications in the shortest amount of time. A short profile has become increasingly important as most of us suffer from information fatigue. Your short profile conveys your most relevant qualifications and background in a crisp and compact format. This makes your application easy to read and leads to a successful application.



Articulate your unique value proposition through a compelling storyline.

A targeted cover letter is a strategic marketing artefact. Many employers and recruiters read the cover letter first. Your cover letter should present your candidature in a way that resonates with the recruiters. However, writing a compelling cover letter is not a simple task. A poorly written cover letter would disqualify an otherwise solid application. Our storyline framework provides a narrative structure that helps presents your qualifications in an easy-to-read format that your prospective employers appreciate.



Showcase your unique value proposition to potential employers.

Your CV is the most important application document that highlights all your qualifications. The best CVs are both Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and human eye-friendly. ATS-friendly CVs need to be simple and machine-readable, while graphics and rich formatting make your CVs appealing to the human eye. Using our proprietary Pyramid CV™ templates and benchmarking tools, such as Skore, Atlas, etc. we create CVs that are both, employers and tackle ATS-friendly, thus maximising your chances of getting shortlisted for an interview.



Burnish your brand and your potential as a prospective employee.

LinkedIn is utilized by recruiters and hiring managers in a number of different ways. In some cases, it’s used to cross-reference information from a candidate’s CV / Resume. In other cases, it’s utilized as a direct recruiting source. Having a complete LinkedIn profile will only serve to enhance your job search. With a targeted LinkedIn profile, you’ll go far beyond the capabilities of just copying and pasting your CV onto your profile.



Present and articulate like a true professional.

Getting an interview is an achievement in itself. Only a small proportion of applicants – about 10% – are selected for interview. So, you have already made a positive impression to get to this stage. But, have you ever wondered why you can get the interview, but not the job? Qualifications will often land the interview, but executing a successful interview requires more than just possessing the right skills. >ou have only one chance to make a good first impression during your interview. Interview skills is one area where a little training can go a long way throughout your career. Having some solid interview techniques and skills can make all the difference between you getting what you want or you being disappointed because once again, the interview didn’t go as well as you wanted it to.


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