Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or simply want a job that’s closer to home, switching positions can be a great way to boost your career and achieve the professional goals you’re aiming for. If you work in accounting and are currently considering applying for new positions, here are a few of the most common reasons why people up sticks and move to pastures new.

To find new challenges

One of the most common reasons to leave an accounting job is to seek new challenges. Even good jobs can become routine after a while, with few opportunities to learn, grow or excel. If you feel like you’ve got all that you can from your current role, changing jobs could help to energise your career and give you the motivation you need to push yourself even further.

If this is the main reason behind your job change, look for a company that will push your boundaries when searching for a new role. Make sure your potential new employer knows that you want to challenge yourself and that you’re happy to learn new skills, undergo training and add new quivers to your bow.

To climb the corporate ladder

If there’s nowhere else to go in your organisation, an accounting job can quickly become frustrating. If you’ve already risen through the ranks and achieved the top spot, you may well be looking around at companies that will let you rise even higher. One of the benefits of moving to a more prestigious position is that it will generally offer a better salary. This means that you can boost your finances at the same time as finding a more fulfilling and satisfying career.

When looking for a new job, ask your potential employer about opportunities for advancement. It’s also worth taking a quick look at the company website to see what types of accounting positions they offer at different levels of the organisation.

To find a job in a more convenient location

Sometimes, changing jobs can be motivated by something as simple as geography. If you’re currently travelling miles to work, you could save time and money by moving to a job that’s based closer to home. By not spending hours in the car or on trains and buses every day, you can dramatically improve your quality of life, spend more time with friends and family and get more from the region you live in.

To make sure your new commute will be quick and easy, do a few practice runs before you accept the position. That way, you’ll have the chance to time your daily run and get a feel for the traffic conditions on the way. Reducing commuting times has been proven to improve quality of life, so if this is your main motivator, get searching for a new job today.

To learn new skills

If you’ve been working in the same industry for years, you may well be missing out on the skills that come with working in other areas. For example, there may be computer programmes, working practices and other aspects of the job that vary considerably between industries. Before applying for a new job, take a look around the different employers in your area to see what you could get from each position. The more you can learn from your new role, the stronger it will make your CV, so it’s well worth putting a bit of time into considering your options.

Your CV puts you in a strong position

After a few years in the same job, your CV will probably be looking fairly attractive, especially if you’ve been promoted, learned new skills or notched up impressive achievements along the way. If you think you may now be over-qualified for your current role, your CV will probably be attractive to other employers. As a high-quality candidate, you may well have a broader choice of positions than you did when you took your current position.

Before you start applying for new jobs in earnest, take a bit of time to look around and see what else is out there. It’s also a good idea to talk to professional recruitment companies to see what they say about your CV and if they have any recommendations that could make it even stronger.

Your current job isn’t the right fit

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make a job work. Whether it’s because of the people you’re working with, the work you’re doing or the ethos of the company you’re working for, occasionally jobs just aren’t the right fit. If you’ve found your job is no longer right for you, changing positions may well be your only option. As well as giving you a new team to work with, a new challenge to get your teeth stuck into and a new environment to enjoy, changing jobs offers you the chance of a fresh start.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to change jobs, ensuring your new position is perfect is essential if your move is going to be a success. The best way to find the right role is to speak to a professional recruiter. As well as being aware of all the best jobs available in the area, a recruiter will be skilled at matching you with the opportunity that’s right for you. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more.

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