Simplify complexity through personal service

When pursuing higher education or job prospects abroad, having a trustworthy partner who has gone through the same journey that you are embarking on could be of great help. No only would such a partner help you avoid mistakes, but also provide insights from experience, that could help you achieve your goals faster.

Most prospective students find the admissions process to various International universities overwhelming. Multiple deadlines to track. Several application documents to prepare. Various essays to write and documents to compile.

Likewise, job seekers find the recruitment process at various European companies challenging. Multiple job portals to track. Multiple job application documents to prepare and submit. Several professional aspects to consider.

We work closely with you one-on-one and personally guide you through each step of the entire process. We simplify the complexity of admissions and job search process by providing you authoritative advise across the entire process.

Experience defies gravity

There is no short-cut to experience. We bring decades worth of 1st-hand academic and business experience in Europe to each application and candidate.

As graduates of European universities, we not only help you secure an admit, but also prepare you for a successful academic life in Europe.

Likewise, job seekers can leverage our decades worth of business and managerial experience at leading European corporations to expedite their job search.

Take the long-term view

We take a long-term view of your career and your career prospects based on our deep market insights to advise you on the tactical aspects of admissions or job search process.

Leverage data and real insights

Personal opinions, sentiments and feelings are misleading in critical client engagements. Hence, we leverage real-time and historical admissions data during the application process. We provide concrete fact-based advise that helps you get a competitive edge among global applicants to European universities and firms to improve the odds of securing an admit or landing jobs.

Offer complete client portfolio

Most consultancies specialize either in admissions or career services. We offer the entire portfolio of admissions and career services to support you at the most critical stages of your career. Service excellence is at the heart of our organisation. So, we continuously innovate on tools, processes, methodologies and frameworks to deliver the outcomes that you wish to achieve, for which you enlist our support.

Deliver unbiased feedback

Trust underpins all of our client engagements. We offer unbiased and objective feedback on your profile. We won’t accept your engagement, if we feel we can’t deliver. Similarly, we won’t accept your engagement, if we appraise that you can get an admit without our assistance due to a strong candidate profile. We don’t claiming affiliations with academic institutions or guarantee admits.

Confidentiality over revenue

We treat each application with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. We never re-use materials from our previous client engagements nor share your data with external parties. Likewise, we don’t share our previous clients’ information with you. We are willing to sacrifice engagements and the resulting revenues to protect our customers’ privacy.

Ensure complete client ownership

Unlike some admissions consultancies that withhold application documents from their clients, we provide all artifacts, such as documents, data, templates, etc. We ensure that you are in complete control and ownership of the engagement and the documents we produce throughout the process. We have never hoarded any materials or do so in the future to use as leverage against you. By design and control, you will have complete access to all the artifacts throughout the engagement.

Once the application process is complete, we will revoke our access to the repositories we use to collaborate on your application documents. Subsequently, we will longer have any access to your materials. Your documents will be safe and secure throughout the engagement and afterwards. Your documents are truly yours and truly unique.

Focus on relationships than revenues

Each client-engagement is our chance to forge new, long-term relationships with future leaders. We build long-term, trust-based clients relationships, partake in their achievements, and celebrate their career successes. In our experience, our revenues and profits have resulted from satisfied customers recommending our services to their friends and family.

We earn our clients’ trust by delivering the outcomes they expect from us. This trust is the foundation for the solid working relationships with our clients and alumni over the years that we have forged over the years.

Furthermore, due to our European presence, many of our customers engage us to support them through their critical Internship and Job Search. As turn-key admissions and career advisory, we can support you throughout your admissions and job search journeys. Our relationship extends beyond your admissions.

Ensure absolute value transparency

We strive for complete transparency from our rates through to our services, universities we shortlist, selection criteria applied, etc. We transparently list the prices for our individual services. No ensure that there is no information asymmetry! We do not withhold crucial information or manipulate facts to give you a false sense of hope or put you at a disadvantage.

 You should know what you’re buying from us! We make sure that you do across the engagement stages! We do not want to negotiate on prices, rates or services, but direct complete focus on the application and your preferred outcomes.

Our personalized services and authoritative advise are based on solid facts and due diligence. In the pursuit of value excellence, we constantly evolve our assets, such as engagement process, technical assets, data, etc. to give you the edge in the competitive admissions landscape.

Strive for price leadership

We strive to ensure our cost leadership by automating low-value tasks and activities that do not benefit you – our customer – to secure an admit. We proactively identify improvements across engagements to develop new tools and processes that help improve outcomes, while simultaneously save costs. We pass on the resulting savings through price cuts. Since 2015, we have reduced our rates 7 times through efficiencies we gained through improved tools and processes. We strive to continuously innovate and seek optimizations that render clear client benefits.