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Our guiding principles serve as our commitment to continue working passionately toward our customer outcomes. We take our responsibilities and customer trust very seriously and pledge to work in ways that reflect our values. We are privileged to do this work. Energised by our legacy of taking on challenging issues, we are dedicated to enabling equitable access to education and career opportunities for expats in Europe. We are proud of our successes and accomplishments, and believe that our best achievements lie ahead.


Simplify complexity

We work closely with you one-on-one and personally guide you through each step of the entire process. We simplify the complexity of admissions and job search process by providing you authoritative advise across the entire process.


Experience defies gravity

There is no short-cut to experience. We bring decades worth of 1st-hand academic and business experience in Europe to each application and candidate.


Take the long-term view

We take a long-term view of your career and your career prospects based on our deep market insights to advise you on the tactical aspects of admissions or job search process.


Leverage data and real insights

Personal opinions, sentiments and feelings mislead client outcomes. Hence, we leverage real-time and historical admissions data during the application process. We provide concrete fact-based advise that gives you an edge in the global competitive landscape and improves the odds of achieving your intended outcomes.


Offer complete client portfolio

Most consultancies specialize either in admissions or career services. We strive to offer the entire portfolio of admissions and career services to support you at the most critical stages of your career.


Service excellence

Service excellence is at the heart of our organisation. So, we continuously innovate on tools, processes, methodologies and frameworks to deliver the outcomes that you wish to achieve, for which you enlist our support.


Unbiased feedback

Trust underpins all of our client engagements. We offer unbiased and objective feedback on your profile. We won’t accept your engagement, if we feel we can’t deliver. Similarly, we won’t accept your engagement, if we appraise that you can get an admit without our assistance due to a strong candidate profile. We don’t claiming affiliations with academic institutions or guarantee admits.


Confidentiality over revenue

We treat each application with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. We never re-use materials from our previous client engagements nor share your data with external parties. Likewise, we don’t share our previous clients’ information with you. We are willing to sacrifice engagements and the resulting revenues to protect our customers’ privacy.


Complete client ownership

We ensure that you are in complete control and ownership of the engagement and the documents we produce throughout the process. We have never hoarded any materials or do so in the future to use as leverage against you. By design and control, you will have complete access to all the artefacts throughout and after the engagement. Once the application process is complete, we will revoke our access to the repositories we use to collaborate on your application documents. Subsequently, we will longer have any access to your materials. Your documents will be safe and secure throughout the engagement and afterwards. Your documents are truly yours and truly unique.


Focus on relationships

Each client-engagement is our chance to forge new, long-term relationships with future leaders. We build long-term, trust-based clients relationships, partake in their achievements, and celebrate their career successes. In our experience, our revenues and profits have resulted from satisfied customers recommending our services to their friends and family.


Deliver outcomes to earn trust

We earn our clients’ trust by delivering the outcomes they expect from us. This trust is the foundation for the solid working relationships with our clients and alumni over the years that we have forged over the years.


Absolute value transparency

We strive for complete transparency from our rates through to our services, opportunities we identify, selection criteria applied, etc. We ensure that there is no information asymmetry! We do not withhold crucial information or manipulate facts to give you a false sense of hope or put you at a disadvantage.


Price leadership

We strive to ensure our price leadership by automating low-value tasks and activities that do not benefit our customers. We proactively identify and eliminate inefficiencies and implement improvements through new tools and processes that help improve outcomes, while simultaneously reducing costs. We pass on the resulting savings through price cuts. We strive to continuously innovate and seek optimisations that render clear client benefits.



We are not boastful and do not look down on others. We believe God created everyone equal, so we listen to all perspectives, regardless of whether we agree with them. We view our customers as partners and value their confidence in us. The creation of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships is the basis and motivation for our work. We treat everyone with fairness and respect. We cultivate diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. When everyone is valued, great ideas are born, and real respect is garnered.


Open communication

We communicate openly. We are aware that a transparent and responsible flow of information creates the basis for mutual understanding and creativity. We mean what we say and we keep our promises.


check what our clients say about us


I was searching for words to describe my happiness and how confident I became after I engaged your services. After our second session, I knew what to do next and which universities to target. The candidate profile you compiled was amazing. The application documents you created were solid and beautiful. You saw infinite possibilities for me and your guidance changed my life! Thanks to you, I applied with an open mind to schools that I had thought were too good for me, and one of them is now my school. I finally chose XXXXX. From the bottom of my hear, thank you!

Fisnik, Albania, Computer Science Student

As a Polish PhD graduate, my language barriers limited my post-doctoral opportunities in Germany and I started looking for industry positions. I contacted INTRVU after attending a workshop at Uni Tübingen. My experience so far has been fantastic; I landed a nice corporate research job with Boehringer Ingelheim. INTRVU folks clearly explained the industry hiring process, shortlisted companies, prepared my application, and guided me throughout the process. I especially recommend their transferable skills seminar or workshop that really opened my eyes to industry opps. Thanks, INTRVU!

Martha, Poland, Corporate Research Scientist

Your professionalism, accuracy, guidance, and efficiency are rare in quality and the results are in accordance. I received so much care and personal attention from your team that I can’t thank you enough. Despite the frustration I carried over from other consulting firms, you succeeded to clearly guide me in a fast and accurate manner that made all the difference. My advisors made the application process very enjoyable. Thanks, INTRVU!

Esmat, Morocco, PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering

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