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Personalised job search assistance for students & professionals seeking Internships, Part-time or Full-time positions, including Freelancing and / or Contract positions in Europe. Please click here to learn more and compare our available Job Search Service packages.


The job search package is designed for job seekers that require application strategies and solid application documents to maximise their application outcomes.


  • Internship Seekers
  • Students seeking full-time positions
  • MBAs, PhDs and Post-Docs seeking positions in the industry
  • Professionals looking for job change
  • Professionals in transition

If you are on a Job Seeker visa, please purchase the Job Seeker package, which provides additional services, job market trends, channel recommendations, etc.


  • Internships
  • Part-time Jobs
  • Full-time Jobs
  • Contracting & Freelancing Jobs


  • Application Strategy: Structured application activity and targeting
  • Application Documents: Solid and compelling application documents that make you stand out
  • Market Insights: Competitive information on job market trends
  • Channels: Relevant advise on channels to find appropriate job postings
  • Application Scores: Application document readiness score for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Readability Scores: Metrics on structure, readability and understandability for Human Reviewers
  • Tracking Tools: Tools to derive insights on your application performance

In short, we employ our analytics tools and experience to support your job search and improve your chances of landing interviews.


  1. Discovery Call
  2. Application & Targeting Strategy
  3. Cover Letter Review, Feedback & Guidance
  4. Curriculum Vitae / Resume Review, Feedback & Guidance
  5. Guidance on Reference Letters & Transcripts
  6. Guidance on compiling a solid Application Package
  7. ATS Ready CV & Cover Letter Templates
  8. Application scoring & benchmarking with Atlas™ and Skore™ tools
  9. Keyword Selection for the Applicant Tracking System


  1. Short Profile
  2. ATS-friendly CV and Cover Letter Templates
  3. Applicant Persona Template
  4. Storyboarding Template
  5. Behavioural Interview Workbook
  6. MetaWire™ Tool
  7. Profile Builder™ Tool
  8. Xpose™ Tracking Tool
  9. Kanban Project Management Tool


  • English
  • German


We support the job and internship search efforts of students currently enrolled at European academic institutions by offering a 10% discount. If you’re a student currently enrolled in a full-time program at a European academic institution, please use the coupon code: NAP54YN9 to avail the discount during the purchase. Please note that you will be required to prove your enrollment status.

This offer is not available for students enrolled in a part-time program.


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