Benchmark your application documents and identify critical hotspots requiring improvement.


Atlas is our analytics platform that simulates Applicant Tracking Systems. We score, benchmark, and instrument your application documents using Atlas. The Atlas tool uses a guided approach to build an application profile, which is a collection of application documents and rules that capture your application performance as it is handled by the Applicant Tracking System. The Atlas tool produces a set of documents that provide detailed information about the various dimensions and provides excellent visibility into the your application documents.


Using profiling tools to look for potential bottlenecks before starting the job application process can significantly reduce the number of applications you should send out. Atlas is a tool that we use internally during our client engagements.


This product is not available for standalone use. To compile the relevant keywords, please send us a copy of your application documents. Following your purchase, we will share links to our secure, version controlled online drive for your upload. After analysing your documents with Atlas, we will deliver a report containing the hotspots requiring further work and the changes you need to be undertake via email.


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