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Get the right keywords to overcome ATS and improve your application conversion rates.


Getting the right keywords that are highly relevant to your job applications is extremely important. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will look for keywords and contextual information related to the qualifications expected from candidates. Recruiters will also look for relevant keywords when skimming your application documents before deciding whether they should shortlist you for an interview. Picking the right keywords can be tricky because they’re constantly evolving.

It’s not enough to simply sprinkle a few keywords on your CV and expect to score well in an ATS search. You need to include the right keywords throughout your CV and phrase them correctly. Newer software does more than just look for keywords. The more sophisticated ATS software looks for keywords in context.

Keyword Miner

Therefore, it is best to include keywords within the context of describing your job duties, accomplishments and skills instead of just writing a long list of keywords. Some ATS software gives extra weight to rare CV keywords and phrases. If you have a relevant skill or qualification that a lot of your competition may not have, be sure to highlight that skill because the software may give you extra points for it.

Using Keyword Miner, we will find the right keywords specific to domain and application category using a large corpus of keywords in our proprietary database. Purchase this package to compile a list of high impact keywords that will bring you a step closer to your dream job.


This product is not available for standalone use. To compile the relevant keywords, please send us a copy of your application documents and sample job descriptions. Following your purchase, we will share links to our secure, version controlled online drive for your upload.


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