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Profile Builder


Create a structured applicant profile with relevant content and storyboard for applicant documents.


Your professional profile is key to success during your job search. Profile Builder is a spreadsheet application that offers the structures, components and frameworks to build a comprehensive professional profile and create compelling application documents. Poorly written application documents hinder finding jobs that you are well qualified for. CVs and Resumes often lack relevant details. The Profile Builder tool fills in the missing context behind the text. The Profile Builder tool supports you, not only during the job / internship / admissions process, but is also a planning tool that helps document critical career milestones.

Profile Builder

Profile Builder is a dynamic tool that helps create comprehensive applicant profiles and find the right content that goes into the applicant documents. This tool also allows you to set a number of parameters that are relevant for each role you are applying to. You can define specific behavioral characteristics you demonstrated in your previous roles and use these insights to create compelling stories for the Behavioral Interviews. Built on established profile frameworks, the Profile Builder tool helps:

  • create an ideal profile
  • invite experts to assist in the profile creation process
  • manage and adapt the profile before you starting the job search
  • document relevant behavioral attributes, preferences, and qualities
  • provide a basis for career planning, development, and coaching
  • document technical, functional, managerial, and leadership skills
  • and, more..


By purchasing this package, you will receive a Single User License, which entitles you to use the materials for your application activities. All materials are protected by copyright laws in Europe and elsewhere. This means only the purchaser is permitted to use the materials for unlimited duration. In this license model, you are not permitted to share access to our materials. We log, analyse, and track your login activity to protect our intellectual property and copyright. Any sharing of our proprietary materials, access, or any activity that infringes on the license agreement or Acceptable Usage Policy without explicit written permission is strictly forbidden. Illegal use or sharing of our material is a criminal activity and is subject to legal action in Germany and Europe, which will result in the purchaser getting expelled from the European academic institution.


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