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An admissions / career consultation is a one-to-one appointment with a professional INTRVU coach. Billed by the hour, you can have as many consultations as you need and they are available all year round. During our consultation sessions, we not only handle your specific queries regarding admissions, internships, or jobs, but we also put together an extensive personality profile that forms the basis of your individual strategy. We then make concrete and comprehensible recommendations that will help you achieve your aspirations.

Our sessions are a hybrid of coaching and mentoring. As advisors we give you advice using our tried and tested process. Furthermore, we recommend tools from our repository or from external vendors that help you achieve your goals. As coaches, we ask you the right questions to guide you to pragmatic solutions.

Our 1:1 consultation is based on our mutual availability. Since we are practising professionals and as most of our clients pursue gainful activity, we schedule our sessions, we schedule our sessions when it’s mutually convenient for all parties, usually during the evenings or weekends. To get the most from our consulting sessions, we recommend the following:

  • Enlist our services early on during the process, so we can offer holistic information to help you reach your goals much faster
  • Compile a list of queries and share them with us prior to the consulting call, so we can do our homework and give you comprehensive advise during the session


Please adhere to the cancellation policy which is 24 hours. If you cancel within 24 hours before your appointment, we cannot reschedule or reimburse you. If you are late to our session, it will still end at the designated time. If we deem you to not be in a professional mindset or inappropriate, we reserve the right to cancel our consultation.


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