Guided Admissions (A)

//Guided Admissions (A)

Guided Admissions (A)


Individual guidance around the application process for applicants to European academic institutions.


The Admissions package provides prospective students with a full range of personalized services around the application process to European academic institutions. In this package, our experienced advisors will work individually with you throughout the application process, from conceptualisation till submitting your applications.

Admission Scope Matrix

The items covered in this package are:

  1. Discovery Call
  2. Application documents
    1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    2. Letter of Recommendation (LoR)
    3. Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  3. Tools
    1. Profile Builder
    2. iQualify tool
    3. uQualify tool
    4. Discover2
  4. Profile evaluation
  5. University selection
  6. Admission Process
    1. Admissions Insights
    2. Application Strategy
  7. Standardised tests guidance
    1. TOEFL
    2. IELTS
    3. GRE
    4. GMAT
  8. Applications
    1. Online applications (e.g. uni-assist)
    2. Paper-based applications
    3. Postage & courier advise
  9. Webinars
    1. CV writing
    2. SOP writing
    3. LoR writing
    4. Background checks
    5. Attestations
    6. Application process
  10. Sample documents for review
    1. Curriculum Vitae
    2. Letter of recommendation
    3. Statement of Purpose Structure


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