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Guided Internships


Personalised application guidance and coaching for graduate students seeking internships in Europe.


This package is designed for internship seekers that require application strategies to maximize the ‘biggest bang for the buck’. You will benefit from the competitive information on job market trends and job application channels, in addition to insights on your application performance through the Applicant Tracking System and Human Reviewers. We deploy our analytics tools to benchmark your application and recommend keywords and application strategies to improve your chances of landing interviews.

  1. Discovery Call
  2. Application Documents (CV & Cover Letter) Review
  3. Keyword Selection
  4. 2x Revisions & Feedback
  5. ATS Ready Templates
  6. MetaWire™ Tool
  7. Profile Builder™ Tool
  8. Xpose™ Tracking Tool
  9. Kanban Tool
  10. Post-Engagement Call


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