In the Standard package, our experienced advisors will personally work with you throughout the application process till you receive an admit. Please click here to learn more and compare our available Admissions Services packages.


The Standard package provides prospective applicants to European academic institutions with individual, personalised services around the application process till the applicant receives an admit. In this package, our experienced advisors will personally work with you throughout the application process.


  • Prospective applicants to European academic institutions
  • Candidates seeking admissions to Masters, MBA or PhD programs in Europe


  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology & Computer Sciences
  • Social Sciences & Arts
  • Research Programs


  • Application Strategy: Structured application activity and targeting
  • Application Documents: Solid and compelling application documents that make you stand out
  • Market Insights: Competitive information on admission market trends
  • Channels: Relevant advise on channels to submit your applications (e.g. UniAssist)
  • Storyboarding: Compelling stories to highlight your motivation through application essays
  • Tracking Tools: Tools to derive insights on your application activities

In short, we employ our analytics tools and experience to support your admissions and improve your chances of securing an admit.


  1. Discovery Call
  2. Application & Targeting Strategy
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Profile Evaluation
  5. University Selection & Shortlisting
  6. Cover Letter Review, Feedback & Guidance
  7. Curriculum Vitae / Resume Review, Feedback & Guidance
  8. Advise on standardised tests and score improvement
  9. Guidance on Academic Transcripts
  10. Guidance on Recommendation Letters
  11. Guidance on other application essays
  12. Guidance on submitting applications


  1. Profile Builder™ Tool
  2. iQualify™ Tracking Tool
  3. uQualify™ Tracking Tool
  4. Discover2
  5. Applicant Persona Template
  6. Storyboarding Template
  7. Behavioural Interview Workbook
  8. Kanban Project Management Tool


  • Admissions to Bachelors degrees and Medical programs are not covered through the Standard or Professional package. Please contact us for our bespoke admissions services
  • We do not share templates based from prior client engagements, but work with you to develop your individual applicant profile and strategy
  • Due to privacy reasons, we do not share information about our past clients that are currently enrolled or have graduated from European institutions
  • We do not share your information with academic institutions or submit applications on your behalf

Supported Languages

  • English
  • German


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