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This package is designed for candidates who require solid application strategies and documents to maximise their job search outcomes.

Application Strategy
Application Strategy
Maximize your application throughput and outcomes through our proven application strategies.
Cover Letter
Cover Letter
You receive frameworks, tools and guidance to create a compelling Cover Letter that is short, readable and presents your candidature in the most compelling manner with your target audience.
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae / Resume
Exude competence through a persuasive CV / Resume that highlights your unique skills, strengths and qualifications.
Professional Network
Professional Network Profile
A compelling professional network profile (e.g. LinkedIn profile) is critical to being noticed by hiring managers and job recruiters.
General Enquiries
General Enquiries
First-hand insights and advise on the essential aspects of living and working in Germany.
Discovery Call
1 × Discovery Call
The discovery call is a conversation lasting 30 minutes in which we understand your profile to shape our engagement to maximise your outcomes.

Quality job searching takes time. It takes knowing how to make a great application package, how to appropriately network, and how to apply to the right jobs. Not to mention being able to successfully interview once you get your foot in the door. Writing compelling job applications that actually get results requires a thorough understanding of your personality, qualifications, experiences, etc.

CV templates should only be used to get a feel for the structure and the layout of a CV. Copy & Paste is not very helpful in this case as most HR departments know these books quite well. Your personal qualification profile should be the deciding factor on how your CV is structured. Pre-designed examples can never compete with an authentic CV and they fail to establish a desired connection to the position and company.

In this package, we will closely look at the various aspects of your motivation, profile, experience, qualifications, personal situation, etc. as well as some sample jobs you’re targeting to develop application strategies and artefacts to maximise your application throughput and increase the chances of your landing job offers.

Target Audience

This package is most suitable for applicants seeking:

  • Internships
  • Working Student Contracts
  • Part- / Full-time Jobs
  • Transition Management / Outplacement
  • Contracting & Freelancing Jobs
  • Returning Professionals
  • Expats & Returning Expats

Your Benefits

Job applications is a frustrating and opaque process. Having a team of experts that bring the experience from helping hundreds of applicants achieve successful outcomes, bring best-practices, tools, established methodologies, and successful frameworks is a boon for any job seeker. As an applicant, you don’t have to navigate the complex job market on your own. Leverage the proven tools and techniques to approach the job market with superior insights that your competitors lack. In addition, we collaborate with you in creating personalised:

Application Strategy

Structured application activity and targeting to land job offers with minimal overhead

Application Documents

Solid and compelling application documents that make you stand out among the competition

Market Insights

Competitive information on job market to gain an understanding of the companies, regions and industries that are hiring candidates


Advise on the channels to find relevant job postings in your industry, function, skill profile, etc.

Application Scores

Application document readiness score for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to ensure that your application shows up when recruiters search for candidates

Readability Scores

Metrics on structure, readability and understandability for Human Reviewers to make your application documents compelling and memorable

Tracking Tools

Tools to derive insights on your application performance to understand your application performance and undertake remedial action to circumvent bottlenecks

We treat each client as a unique individual. In this regard, we do not recycle application documents or templates that worked for other candidates, though we share winning templates with you to structure your individual approach, along with our team of experts & advisors.

Our proprietary tools

To maximise your outcomes, we leverage several proprietary tools that we developed over the course of several hundred client engagements across industries, functions, geographies, and client timelines. Here’s a high-level overview of our tools.

Short Profile

Provides recruiters and hiring managers a quick overview of the essential qualifications and experiences you bring to the table

ATS-friendly CV and Cover Letter Templates

Maximise the chances of  your application parsed and picked up the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Applicant Persona Template

Helps structure your profile, distill the essential qualifications and showcase your candidate profile

Storyboarding Template

Makes your application package compelling, readable and memorable among the pool of applicants

Behavioural Interview Workbook

Contains over 1000 behavioural interview questions used by leading firms to help you practise structuring your responses during job interviews

MetaWire™ Tool

Helps manage metadata that Applicant Tracking Systems use when submitting your applications in the PDF format

Profile Builder™ Tool

Helps compile an applicant profile to create your application artefacts (CV / Resume, Cover Letter, References, Portfolio, LinkedIn profile, etc.)

Xpose™ Tracking Tool

Helps track your job applications and provides insights into your application throughput, bottlenecks, accept / rejection reasons, critical dates, etc.

Atlas™ Tracking Tool++

Helps benchmark your application documents on over 20 dimensions, such as readability, topical alignment, degree of fit with the job description, keywords density, etc.

Skore™ Tracking Tool++

Helps benchmark your application among other similar applicants to extract insights to improve your application quality

Depending on the scope of your engagement, you will get access to these tools at no additional cost.

++Internal tools used by INTRVU advisors.

Student Discounts

We support the job and internship search efforts of students currently enrolled at European academic institutions by offering a 10% discount. If you’re a student currently enrolled in a full-time program at a European academic institution, please use the coupon code: NAP54YN9 to avail the discount during the purchase. Please note that you will be required to prove your enrollment status before we deliver the services you purchased.

Note: This offer is not applicable for students enrolled in part-time academic programs.

Supported Languages

  • English
  • German


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