Do you know anyone who has so many books, emails and magazines lying around their home, but not enough time to read? Someone who is in school or a training program with a heavy reading load. Or a student who has an upcoming high stakes test like the SAT, ACT, LSAT or GMAT coming up? In a world of information overload, it’s expected to get through your reading material on time to make crucial decisions. Simultaneously, you want to retain and remember more of what you read. With speed reading, we teach you the skills to adapt to different materials using the unique INSEAK ® approach. This course is well suited for graduate students, standardized test takers, manager, and other professionals that could benefit from strategies to tackle situation where reading speed matters.

Improving reading efficiency is not just a matter of moving one’s eyes more quickly over the pages; it is a matter of using one’s mind more actively and one’s attention more judiciously. This course will help you read purposefully and strategically, improving focus, comprehension, and efficiency. This course also includes the unique INSEAK® approach to reading, which shows you exactly how to read – for information and knowledge. These skills are extremely invaluable for those taking up such standardized tests as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc., which test your reading and verbal comprehension.

The course doesn’t teach one best way to read; instead, it helps students develop a whole toolkit of reading strategies. A common assumption is that the only proper way to read something is to read every word, word by word, in order, from beginning to end, and so improving your reading must mean doing the same thing, only faster. That assumption is generally based on our earliest reading experiences – reading aloud or being read to for the purpose of learning how to decipher the code of written language. For that purpose, linear word-by-word.

  • Increase reading speed using practical, proven techniques
  • Improve comprehension & recall while reading at higher speeds
  • Read textbooks and technical material more effectively
  • Memorize information using specific memory techniques
  • Read faster on the computer screen and other digital devices
  • Increase your reading speed using practical, proven techniques

In addition to the in-person instruction, all participants will receive free access to the supplemental materials, training tools and practice guides to help reinforce the techniques for continuous development with the entire skill-set – speed, comprehension, and retention.

  • Efficiency: Bad habits and reading mistakes learned from your childhood will be reviewed, and discarded. The Speed Reading course will show you step-by-step how speed reading techniques can help you read faster, understand more and improve efficiency.
  • Results: Benchmark your initial reading speed against your fellow course members by practicing advanced speed reading techniques and effective scanning skills. With this speed reading training course, reading quantities of text and remembering facts will be a breeze.
  • Edge: Our tried and tested speed reading program teaches effective comprehension at speed. Reading and scanning text much faster than ever before, you will absorb information, grasp new trends and ensure you and your company stay competitive in today’s fast evolving markets.
  • Brain capacity: Challenging your brain to learn new skills builds ‘brain muscle’. Learn advanced speed reading techniques, including brain exercises like super-skimming, scanning and meta-guiding. Your problem solving skills will improve and your capacity to absorb information will grow.

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