While we all know that data is key to telling an impactful story, few understand how to use these points to spin meaningful tales that will resonate with their audience. Storytelling with data is a must have skill for anyone in the business to convince an audience to take action with data stories. Data is interesting when you’ve taken time to think about your audience and what matters to them and presented the data in a way that will make that clear and actionable. Visualizing the data effectively and building a robust narrative around it to explain to your audience why they should care will set you up for success.

Humans love stories. They provide context and help simplifying complex theories – points, which also give data meaning. However, telling stories through numbers and analyses is another tale altogether. For many companies, data is indispensible for internal as well as external communication. The challenge is to filter the essence from the excessive amount of information, which then has to be presented in a way that evokes apprehension, emotion and action. To achieve this, it is helpful to stick to the principles of storytelling, especially in the area of Big Data.

Just like a good story, data evaluation too should have a beginning, middle and an ending part. The beginning puts the data into context: what is the reason to engage with these numbers? The middle part addresses the exploration trip: where do problems arise? Are there numbers which question a previous assumption? Which findings could have a direct influence on the life of the audience? The ending forms a conclusion: which effect has the presented content? What is the message? Which meaning or moral can the audience take with them from the story?

In our Digital age, in the struggle for the attention of potential customers, the company with the most money for marketing campaigns is no longer the winner – storytelling is the key when it comes to successful communication. We believe that everyone has a story to tell. Our workshops will provide you with the necessary tools to find your corporate stories from data and to bring them to your audience, using the theoretical foundations, best practice examples, and practical exercises. In our workshop for visual and data storytelling, we teach not only the basics of storytelling, but also techniques to find the golden thread in an ocean of data by covering:

  • Basics of Storytelling
  • Storytelling for technical or complex data topics
  • Storytelling with data
  • Visual Storytelling

This workshop will focus on:

  • History and use of storytelling
  • Requirements for modern storytellers in the Digital age
  • Storytelling theories: from hero to mentor
  • Strategies for finding stories
  • Practical exercises for finding and sharing corporate stories from Data
  • Curate assets (icons, photos) to go with the data and message
  • Use data visualization tools (charts and graphs) for your chosen story
  • Use design elements (such as colors or layout)
  • Provide references that bring about credibility

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