TOEFL is a US-based test that assesses your ability to communicate in English in academic and classroom contexts. IELTS, on the other hand, is a British-style English test that assesses your ability to listen, read, speak, and write in English. If you are coming from TOEFL iBT or CEFR (Common European English Framework) background and want to know IELTS equivalent or vice versa, then use the TOEFL – IELTS converter below:


  • TOEFL scoring scale has a broader range of points (0-120) than IELTS. The rationale for this is that the TOEFL will offer you a more exact measure of your English skills
  • The average score necessary to get admitted into a university in Germany is 78 i.e., 6 in IELTS
  • While TOEFL to IELTS score conversions might help you get a sense of how TOEFL and IELTS results compare, don’t rely on these charts to inform you which exam to take
  • Do your research, figure out the universities you’re interested in, and pick the exam that will offer you the best chance of getting in