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Independent Contextual Advisory for Admissions, Jobs & Career



For prospective students

We provide Contextual Admissions Advisory to students applying to (under-) graduate programs in Europe and the USA. Our advisors work with you all the way through the admission process in a step by step fashion, enhancing your chances of getting into your best fit school.

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For job & internship seekers

We offer advice, guidance and counselling on careers using a mix of sophisticated machine learning tools and expert reviews that emulate the actual stages of an application process. These insights increase your chances of getting shortlisted when you are applying online over the Internet.

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For organisations

We regularly conduct structured workshops at various academic institutions & embassies in Europe on topics relevant to students and professionals. During these workshops, we share our frameworks that are based on our engagements, best practices & management theory.

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For entrepreneurs

We offer in-depth, tactical advice on the key issues entrepreneurs face in building a successful company in Europe with deeper focus on Germany. As entrepreneurs, we share our insights to support other entrepreneurs by bridging the linguistic & cultural divide.

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Components of the Application Package

August 26 @ 14:00 - 14:30

Benchmarking your job applications

September 2 @ 14:00 - 14:30

Application strategy webinar

September 9 @ 14:00 - 14:30


Are you a Student, University or Business School interested in offering our career workshop at your campus? Then, you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us to explore your workshop needs.





Our outcome-based transparent engagement model, professional platform, tools & frameworks, track record & experience in consistently delivering success for our clients, amazing team & growing network of Ambassadors, Partners, Academic institutions & Corporations  are the reasons why students & job seekers from all over the world have engaged our services. We advise candidates at every stage of their career – from prospective students to experienced Professionals and Managers.


Mr. Mithun Sridharan is surely a dexetrous advisor in sorting and constructing ones application for job search. After losing hope and time in my job search in France and elsewhere, I got in touch with Mr. Sridharan, who wisely adviced and helped me in reframing my CV, Cover Letter & Linkedin profile. After eliminating flaws and undesired elements I was able to gain recruiters attention and started recieving calls. It was worthy investment. His service gains my highest recommendation for all job application strategies, be it your CV, Cover letter or Linkedin profile. I would like to recommend IntrVu for its valuable services for an individuals’ job search efforts
Mayank, Job candidate, France
I sent my resume to Intrvu Consulting for a review and recieved very precise feedback on the point my CV was lacking. Sometimes, it is hard for oneself to decide what elements of your wide spectrum of experience and knowledge should be presented in the CV and the advise from Intrvu exactly addressed this issue in my case. It helped me to be prudent with the valuable two pages space on the CV. Furthermore, the webinars provide valuable insights too. Thanks a lot!
Amrita, Job candidate, Germany
Had a great session with Mr. Mithun. It was really helpful and motivating session for me. You are doing a great job and I would definitely recommend you further to my friends and colleagues. I wish to build a sparking future for myself with you guys.
Nandita, PhD candidate, India
Pavan Kp I attended a webinar on Internships organised by IntrVu team. I was taken by the way the presenters showcased the challenges that International applicants face during their application process. The solutions – focus on quality than quantity – they presented were pragmatic and concise. Their services are cut out to alleviate the stress and frustration that foreign students and professionals undergo during these critical job search phase in Europe. The fees they charge is nominal and their service mindset is impressive. I trust their professional help and will recommend them to anyone who is seeking help with admissions or job help.
Pavan, Internship candidate, Germany


We start with the customer and work backwards. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although we pay attention to competitors, we obsess over customers.

We have relentlessly high standards – many people may think these standards are unreasonably high. We are continually raising the bar and driving our teams to deliver high quality products, services and processes to consistently achieve success for our clients.

We focus on the key inputs for our business – our client’s needs, understand their context and deliver success at the right time, quality & channel. Despite setbacks, we rise to the occasion and never settle. Our client is at the centre of everything we do. No compromises; no cutting corners; no shortcuts. We deliver on what our clients engage us to do – realise their dreams & hopes. Full stop!

Talk is cheap! And, speed matters in admissions & careers. Many business decisions & actions are reversible and do not need extensive study, but the situation is completely different with admissions, jobs & careers. We are in the trust, hopes & livelihood business. We take our roles extremely seriously! Though we value calculated risk taking, we don’t surprise you – our client! We work harder & think faster, all to realise your objective!

We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully. We are vocally self-critical, even when doing so is awkward or embarrassing. We benchmark ourselves against the best & exceed in all dimensions. But, we constantly try to disrupt our business & make ourselves redundant by releasing tools & sharing methodologies. We do this for a reason – we always want to be ahead of the curve! That puts the pressure on us to deliver innovative strategies that work to our clients’ advantage. That’s what we consider a job well done!

We set high standards for our behavior & stick to them even in difficult situations. Though we lose a lot of business because we don’t share details about our clients or engagements, we keep growing.

Many of our prospective clients request for references. Inasmuch we take pride in our track record of success, we do not share sensitive information about our clients, even if that means losing a portion of business. That’s how we work! We never compromise our values for money! Full stop!

This is a proof of our values in trust, client confidence & delivery. In short, we stand up for what we believe is just and good. Our commitments and actions are sincere, dedicated and self-controlled, even when challenged.



You and your potential new partner should be on the same page about what your career objective is, what you need them for and what you’d like to achieve by working together. In order to be clear about how you’ll work together, it’s important to choose a collaborative partner. For some, that means a partner that visits often to learn about you, what’s important to you and how you run your business. We at IntrVu create alignment with job candidates by getting to know them, as well as their spaces, so that we can accurately reflect their visions.

The key point for the initial discovery meeting is knowing, first off, what the candidate intends on achieving. That comes from understanding what the client is going for, but also knowing their past and getting a sense of their career trajectory. To understand the service, you have analyze the flow of their career and be familiar with the context in which the clients operate. We don’t like to begin the engagement process until we know the client and are fully aware of their career goals. There’s the understanding the short-term goals and the objectives, but it’s also about getting to know what aspects are most critical to the client. Getting to know the client is just as important as getting to know their career plans. When a partner cares about learning about you and wants to know your long-term interests, it’s likely you’ll be aligned on the project and define the success of the partnership in the same way.

While you always want the people you work with to be on the same page as you, some of the other qualities you may prioritize will shift depending on the length of the commitment and depth of engagement. For example, if you just need someone to come in and install a piece of furniture in your office, the process of selecting that person is different than if you’re asking them to design the entire work space. Talk concretely about whether or not you’re looking for someone for a long-term or short-term commitment. Some partners and consultancies are more geared towards providing great work on a one-off, while we are geared towards a longer engagement – providing great career service, time and patience necessary for the long haul.
Another way to make sure both parties are aligned throughout the partnership is to choose a partner that’s upfront and honest. Be careful of potential partners that over promise. No one can give you everything under the sun. Make sure you feel like you’re being told exactly what they can – and can’t – provide and that they’re adequately and truthfully representing their skills. Companies that are honest about their capabilities and potential shortcomings are ultimately a better fit than those that promise you the moon but cannot deliver.

When you look at a proposal and like what you see, pull out a microscope and start looking for blind spots that may negatively impact your career. You will have to think of your options, mull over them and follow up with questions. Such due diligence is expected of anyone worthy of your partnering with. The only type of deal that doesn’t raise questions or concerns is the kind that won’t happen. Ask pointed questions about what potential partners provide and their resources, and be clear about your needs. Honesty should also be reflected onto what you tell them – make sure you’re not holding anything back either.

Always remember the reason you’re engaging with a third-party. Typically it’s more than just needing another set of hands, it’s about the fresh set of eyes and the expertise that they will bring to your company. As part of a good working relationship and the vetting process, it’s important to talk about what you want, but also just as important to listen to them and to the subtext of what they’re saying – and what they’re not saying – so that you can have a fruitful conversation. At the end of the day, you’re seeking out our expertise because we’ve carved out own niche and bring experience and skills to the table. Make sure any partner you speak with is someone you believe in, want to listen to and can trust. There are two players in a partnership and listening to one another goes both ways.


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