Since 2015, we have helped several hundred students secure admissions at public and private universities and business schools across Europe. Our proprietary tools, data, frameworks, methodology, and data-driven approach help compile impactful application documents and maximize your admission chances in the shortest amount of time.


Like most admissions consultants, we offer the following standard services to help you compile a professional application package. In contrast to other consultants, we leverage our differentiating services to overcome the limitations of standard candidate applications.







Our differentiating services are designed to give you a distinct competitive advantage during your university applications. We leverage our industry and market insights, technology, tools and data, knowledge, experience and insights from previous client engagements during the application process. We not only help produce compelling application documents, but also maximize your application throughput and conversions as measured by the number of admit offers you receive.


During our engagement, we will help set both, long-term career goals and short-term engagement goals to align your efforts, achieve outcomes in the shortest time-frame and increase your university and job satisfaction.


During our engagement, we identify courses, programs and university categories that are aligned with your background, qualifications and experiences to maximize your odds of landing admit offers.


During the application process, we identify courses and universities that align with the course categories that we jointly identified based on historical admit data and recent job market trends to decrease the time you spend browsing for suitable courses and instead, increase your application throughput.


We kick start each client engagement with a Discovery Call to gather both, subjective and objective data on your candidature. Subsequently, we forge an application strategy and roadmap considering your personal situation (Contextual Advisory™ methodology) to help you align you application activities.


We leverage sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools and a large corpus of application documents to objective analyze your application documents for weasel words, typos, stop words, structure, parsability, readability, sentiment and several important dimensions to improve the quality of your application documents.


Today, almost all organizations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that shortlist candidates for further review. We improve the odds of ATS shortlisting your application through keyword research, metadata tagging and several deeply technical strategies.


We leverage labor market data (market and industry data) and market sensitivity indices from official sources to estimate your career prospects post-graduation and help you make the right decisions during the application process.


In addition to guiding you from a conceptual stand-point, he also render hands-on support in creating professional application documents. Our Pixel Perfect™ framework and tools format and typeset your application documents and help you stand out.


We not only help prepare compelling application documents, but also deploy our tools to improve your application throughput and expedite your job search. We also equip you with application tracking tools, workbooks and resources to ace your interviews and land admits.


There are several websites out there that profess to help prospective students secure admissions at European academic institutions. Launching an admissions consulting website is relatively easy and costs little to nothing today. However, providing authoritative advise based on historical admissions data and empirical (based on experience) insights is challenging. Consequently, prospective applicants run pillar to post, seeking further information sources to validate facts and confirm opinions articulated in blogs and social media channels. The resulting information asymmetry both, confounds and confuses this audience, further leading them into the anecdotal rabbit hole.

Most prospective students are oblivious to the existence of official websites run by governmental agencies to attract International students to close the labor market gap. Several local education consultants tap into your lack of information and magnify profile shortcomings to charge astronomical fees to support your applications.

We break this information asymmetry by sharing objective, fact-based insights from:

  • our client engagements
  • labor market data, and
  • official information sources

As a German legal entity, we adhere to stringent norms and regulations imposed upon professional services organizations as ours by the European Union. We take these stipulations further and ensure complete transparency across the board. We maintain compliance and quality standards higher than mandated by EU regulations to ensure that our clients have all the information at their disposal to make a conscious decision to engage our services.

We take a long-term focus when helping you with your application process. We consider your career prospects post-graduation. Some clients wish to pursue further education (Masters, MBA / PhD), while others seek full-time employment opportunities. As European professional services organization, our services cover both, admissions and careers. We apply our job market insights from our career services when advising our students choose their courses, programs or universities. Many local education consultancies lack the European job market insights to offer holistic advise to their clients. Consequently, they have a limited focus – helping you an admit, rather than taking a long-term view of your career and advising you on right courses to pursue. In contrast, we are extremely well posed to offer empirical insights based on European labor market trends, trending skills, professions in demand, job market sentiment, economic cycles, etc. that determine your employability post-graduation.

In our view, applicants should spend the bulk of their valuable time submitting applications to universities, rather than spending their resources (time, efforts, money, etc.) on wasteful activities, such as formatting and typesetting documents. To that end, we seek inefficiencies and remedy them through automation. Though such marginal improvements across several hundred client engagements, we have developed tools leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and innovations to deliver clear client benefits and cost efficiencies as measured by lower service prices, superior document quality (design and content). These effectively result in more satisfied customers, who confidently recommend our services to their family and friends, which result in our increased year-on-year revenue growth.

We understand the anxiety of prospective students applying to International programs. Hence, provide them with personalized guidance, support and counseling, so that they realize their career aspirations. We guide them at every step of the application process, starting from the application requirements to visa and accommodation needs. We escort our clients and ensure a smooth application process towards their targeted courses and universities abroad.  Choosing the right course aligned with future job prospects from a multitude of options is challenging. We furnish our clients with the tools and insights based on job market data to help them to identify and narrow down their choices of interest. Our advisors personally guide the students to select the appropriate course, program and university. Then, they we take the student through the entire process of admission. It is our responsibility to assist the student in preparing all the necessary documentation and finally achieve their career aspirations.

Some admissions consultancies hoard or withhold application documents from their clients pending full payment. In contrast, we provide all artifacts, such as documents, data, templates, etc. we use throughout your engagement. We ensure that you are in complete control and ownership of the engagement and the documents we produce throughout the process. We have never hoarded any materials or do so in the future to use as leverage against you. By design and control, you will have complete access to all the artifacts throughout the engagement. Once the application process is complete, we will revoke our access to the repositories we use to collaborate on your application documents. Subsequently, we will longer have any access to your materials. Your documents will be safe and secure throughout the engagement and afterwards. Your documents are truly yours and truly unique.


Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Our engagement philosophy is modeled on the aforementioned age-old adage. This might probably be first time that you are submitting applications to universities abroad. You might find the entire process overwhelming with a lot of unknowns.

During the engagement process, you will work alongside our advisors and learn the art and science of building a compelling application package. The learning will help you over your entire career – when applying for Internships or student jobs during your studies, seeking full-time opportunities post-graduation or when making career transitions long after your graduation.

During the engagement process, you will not only witness your application documents take shape, but also learn the logic and reasoning behind the various aspects of building a compelling application.


Our engagement philosophy has delivered an impressive track record as you could witness from the following non-comprehensive list of German academic institutions that our clients secured admissions to. For admissions data on other European nations, please get in touch with us via email.

  • Technical University of Deggendorf
  • Technical University of Kaiserslautern
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Technical University of Hamburg Harburg
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Universität Stuttgart
  • Universität Mannheim
  • Technical University of Karlsruhe
  • Universität Kiel
  • Universität Potsdam
  • Universität Passau
  • Technical University of Dresden
  • Technical University of Chemnitz
  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Technische Universität Clausthal
  • Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Technische Universität Ilmenau

Please note that we will NOT share our client contact details to protect their privacy, in consideration of their current and future career prospects and the consumer privacy legal mandates of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).


  • Experience and insights from graduates of European universities

  • Strategic advise based on trends in the job market post-graduation

  • Competitive insights based on historical admissions data

  • Complete transparency and access to all aspects of the engagement

  • Application strategy tailored to your career aspiration

  • University selection based on extensive profile evaluation

  • Visually compelling application documents

  • Transparent and affordable pricing for personalized services


Most universities require a Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae, Statement of Purpose, and 2 Letters of Recommendation. That’s a total of 5 documents for each university. If that candidate decides to apply to 20 universities, then the candidate should create at least 81 documents (CV needs to be produced only once). When editing so many documents, errors in formatting, spelling, typesetting, etc. are bound to happen. The candidate will spend bulk of the application time editing and formatting the documents, instead of submitting them. These are low-value activities that are redundant, error-prone and more importantly, do not add any value to your application documents or offer you a competitive edge. Instead, the candidate should be spending bulk of their time in submitting applications and improving their odds.


To eliminate such activities, we developed several automation tools leveraging Artificial Intelligence to expedite application document creation, while simultaneously produce consistent and high quality documents of superior design, content and quality.

With access to submission-ready documents in the shortest amount of time (as less as 2 business days), you can focus on maximizing your application throughput (number of applications submitted) and improving your odds of securing an admit, rather than spending your valuable time (re-)editing and formatting your application documents.



Can I speak with you before I purchase your services?2022-08-15T22:42:38+02:00

Yes, absolutely! We strongly encourage you to reach out to us before you purchase a package. Please get in touch via email or WhatsApp

What are my career prospects after graduation?2022-08-15T22:55:02+02:00

In broad strokes, your career prospects depend on several factors, such as your area of study, additional qualifications, technical and soft skills, labor market sentiments, immigration policies, business cycles, etc. As admissions and career consultants, we have deep industry and labor market insights. We leverage these insights during the engagement and help select courses, programs and universities with promising career prospects post-graduation.

Could you help me apply to USA / Canada / Australia?2022-08-15T22:48:11+02:00

We specialize in European admissions and job search services. We don’t currently support applications to non-European universities.

Which European countries can you help me apply to for my higher studies?2022-08-15T22:53:21+02:00

Since 2015, we have been helped students secure admits in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Finland, and Belgium. If you are interested in studying at an institution in a specific country, please get in touch.

Do you also help me with visa?2022-08-15T23:40:54+02:00

We offer visa review and application services before you file your visa at the Embassy or Consulate in your vicinity. We advise and help you prepare your visa application, supporting documents, etc. But, we do not submit your visa application on your behalf.

How does the process work if you are in Germany and I am in a different country?2022-08-15T23:42:03+02:00

Since our incorporation in 2015, we have been delivering our services remotely through online tools. We use a range of collaboration and video conferencing technologies to deliver our admissions and career services. Consequently, we can deliver a very high quality of service without the geographical and time-zone constraints.

Can I speak to your past clients before I purchase your services?2022-08-15T23:15:14+02:00

Our clients’ privacy and future career prospects, especially in the context of admissions and career services, is a very serious business to us. So, we do not disclose our previous clients or the services we rendered to protect and respect their privacy. So, we won’t share any client references, before, during or after your purchase. Similarly, we also won’t share your information with our future prospects to respect your privacy.

Can I pay for your services after securing an admit?2022-08-15T23:13:38+02:00

Unfortunately, we do not support this payment model. However, we accept payments in two installments at specific stage gates – 50% before the engagement start and 50% before we release the final application documents. We charge a 10% surcharge for this option. Please get in touch with us to discuss the installment option. Please note that your are required to bear the additional bank charges and exchange rates that are applicable when choosing the installment option.

Will you submit my applications on my behalf?2022-08-15T23:16:54+02:00

We are aware that several admissions consultancies offer this service. We help prepare your application documents and support your queries during your application submission process. But, we won’t submit your application documents on your behalf.

What is the duration of your engagement?2022-08-15T23:38:56+02:00

The duration of our client engagements range between one to six weeks. We have optimized our processes and automated several manual steps using home-grown tools to avoid losing valuable time. Due to this flexibility, we plan the engagement roadmap considering your availability. As your coaches and advisory, we accommodate your personal situation, rather than drag you through a process. This means, we adapt our engagement process to meet your constraints. In exchange, we also expect your commitment in the process.

Should I apply despite my poor grades?2022-08-15T23:29:15+02:00

Though grades comprise an important selection criteria, admissions committee consider the overall applicant profile when shortlisting candidates. Approximately 2/3rd of our clients have relatively weak academic grades. Weak academic grades should not discourage you from applying. During the engagement, we will evaluate your grades and overall candidate profile to showcase your strengths in a compelling manner through your Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae, Statement of Purpose, Application Essays, etc. During the university selection process, we identify the appropriate courses, programs and universities based on our historical admissions data. We also advise you on additional courses or activities you could undertake to compile a strong candidate profile. Throughout the engagement, we will iterate and refine your application, make it stand out and improve your odds of securing an admit.

Will you decrease your fees in the future?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

Since 2015, our fees have gone down from € 1759 (in 2015) to € 849 (in 2021) over 5 price cuts. We have made several innovations in our engagement process and tools that have resulted in substantial costs and efficiency improvements. We pass on these savings to our clients by decreasing our prices. As a current / prospective client, you benefit from the learning and innovations we gathered from our previous engagements.

Do you offer group discounts?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

Yes. Due to synergies that we can leverage across clients with similar profiles, we offer discounts on packages purchased as a group. We require a group size of at least 5 to offer this discount. Please contact us for the discount that we can offer to your group.

What makes your different from other admissions consultants?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

We incredibly obsess over our clients. Our clients approach us with their career aspirations. In other words, our clients TRUST us with their careers. We take this very seriously. We do not trifle with our clients’ careers to win short-term business. Instead, we take on a long-term career view of our clients’ careers and work backwards. We fully understand that any decision or recommendation we make has a long term impact on our clients’ careers. To achieve this, we have installed mechanisms to ensure that we adhere to our core principles. For example, we always start each engagement with a Discovery Call, during which we dive deep into our clients’ real career motivations to both, architect an application strategy and advise them on the appropriate overall career strategy. To provide an example, we have recognized strong business acumen with some of our clients and recommended them to pursue business courses instead of engineering programs. Those clients went on to graduate with highest scholarships and land full-time opportunities at global organizations as HSBC, Amazon, Novartis, Microsoft, etc. We look around the corner and provide career advise based on both, our clients’ passions / strengths and European job market demands. Many local consultancies lack the insights we possess to provide higher education aspirants with the advise that we could offer due to our geographical advantage. In addition, we leverage data and technology to closely monitor market developments, such as emerging skills needs, staff capabilities, etc. These differentiators enable us to provide the kind of holistic service to our clients.

Can you promise me an admit?2022-08-15T23:32:38+02:00

No, we do not promise our clients that we will secure an admit for them. In our view, promising our clients that we can secure them an admit is highly unethical. Most German universities independently make admit / reject decisions. German public universities are funded by the German tax-payers and they do not partner with private admissions consultants. In other words, no private sector market player (as we are) can influence universities’ decisions. However, we do leverage our experience, software tools and data, market insights, and network to help clients maximize their admissions chances. So far, 99.99% of our clients have achieved their objectives of securing admits to European academic institutions. In short, we do not promise that we will secure an admit. However, we do promise an excellent quality of service, application documents and individual attention that you deserve.

Why should I engage you?2022-08-15T23:36:57+02:00

We bring deep insights based on current and historical admissions data, several proprietary and job market insights that benefit you. Furthermore, we offer complete transparency in our engagement and focus on client outcomes. Our individual services, tools, insights and data, frameworks and methodology are all designed and delivered to maximize your application throughput and odds of your achieving the desired outcome.

What is an ‘engagement’?2021-11-04T21:01:03+01:00

Engagement is the term we use for our client projects. Our clients in the center of everything we do. We chose the term Engagement to signify the long-term nature of relationships we nurture with our clients. As most of our clients aspire to study in Europe, we adopt a long-term posture to these relationships. We proffer advise and recommendations to our clients during their Internship and / or Job search as well. With local admissions consultants, the relationship ends when you secure an admit / get a reject from a European academic institution. But, to us, this is just the beginning of a relationship. Once you’re in Europe, we’ll invite you to our career seminars and workshops to enhance your career chances. We view ourselves as your extended family in Europe. Hence, the term Engagement.


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