our approach

Outcomes first

we work backwards

Our approach is based on the working backwards method, which is defined by a sharp focus on the customer need and expected outcomes. Instead of starting with the services, data or technology, we visualise the customer outcomes and then deploy our assets to realise them.


our frameworks and methodologies

Our working backwards approach is supported by a repository of proprietary tools, data, frameworks, methodologies, and processes to deliver outcomes our clients expect us to deliver.

Shared Responsibility™

We leverage the shared responsibility model to infuse complete transparency and client control into all aspects of the engagement.

Contextual Advisory™

We analyse your background, interests, motivation, etc. to strengthen your profile and position you in the wider competitive context.

House Of Matrix

We employ this tool to surface your profile strengths and advise on profile differentiators (competitive strengths) to highlight.

Team Construct

We assign an advisory team with specific expertise in your subject area and deep insights into the admissions / job market to guide the engagement.

Gated Delivery™

We continuously deliver submission-ready application documents at regular frequency to enhance personalisation and achieve tighter alignment with your goals.


We leverage metrics, such as client satisfaction, turnaround times, throughput, etc. to better track and align the engagement with your desired outcomes.

Content Analytics

We leverage sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools and a large corpus of application documents to objective analyze your application documents for weasel words, typos, stop words, structure, and several important dimensions to improve the quality of your application documents.

Uniqueness & Privacy

Each candidate profile is unique. We neither recycle content from previous applications, nor use your content for other clients. Your applications are tailored to highlight your profile to help you stand out and also avoid content plagiarism issues that may arise in the future.

Workflow & Tooling

Our innovative workflows and tools eliminate manual activities, such as browsing for courses and formatting your application documents. Instead, we save you precious time that you can spend on increasing your application throughput and maximise your admission chances.


We leverage several collaboration and communication tools to ensure seamless processes and activity transparency throughout the engagement.


Our Four Eyes Principle, an internal control, ensures that the deliverables you receive meet our stringent quality standards and were approved by another advisor.


We use the Kanban technique based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) to visualise our progress, bottlenecks and optimise the engagement effectiveness.

Journey Mapping

We create a visual representation of your applicant journey to help you better deploy your resources for improved conversion.


We logically segment and group your profile attributes into distinct clusters to sharpen your personal branding and messaging.


We adopt a data-driven DMAIC methodology based on Six Sigma quality initiative to continuously improve client outcomes.

our philosophy

we impart life skills

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Our engagement philosophy is modeled on the aforementioned age-old adage. University application and job search processes are overwhelming with a lot of unknowns. Our guiding principles steer and shape our activities to deliver client outcomes.


our engagement process

During the engagement, you will not achieve your outcomes, but also learn the art and science of building a compelling application package. You will closely engage with our advisors and learn the logic and reasoning behind the various aspects of building a compelling applications. This learning will help you throughout your entire career.

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