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German GPA Converter

This simple German grade calculator helps convert your grades in GPA, percentage or American grading system (1.0-4.0) into German grading system (4.0-1.0) using Modified Bavarian Formula.

ECTS Credit Calculator

The European Credit Transfer and accumulation System (ECTS) is the recommended academic credit system for higher education in Europe. It enables academic recognition of study periods, student mobility and credit accumulation / transfer.

IELTS Score Converter

The IELTS score converter calculates the Overall Band Score – the result of the average of 4 scores that are rounded to the nearest whole or half band. This converter also maps your IELTS score to TOEFL and CEFR levels.

TOEFL – IELTS Score Converter

If you are coming from TOEFL iBT or CEFR (Common European English Framework) background and want to know IELTS equivalent, the use this TOEFL – IELTS converter.