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Finding a rewarding, meaningful, and enjoyable career opportunity is among life’s most challenging activities. Today’s tough job market requires finding every competitive edge you could get. Since 2015, we help job seekers land part- and full-time jobs and internships across Europe.

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Our proprietary tools, data, frameworks, methodology, and data-driven approach help compile impactful application documents and maximize your admission chances in the shortest duration.

Application Documents

We help you author compelling application documents, such as curriculum vitae, cover letter, etc. that present a persuasive candidate profile.

Aesthetics & Design

We also compile professional application documents using our Pixel Perfect™ framework to ensure consistent design and aesthetics to help you stand out.

Job Listings

We leverage our proprietary tools to scour the Internet for job listings that exactly match your job search criteria and align with your long-term career goals and aspirations.

Content Analytics

We analyse your application using our proprietary tools and a large corpus of application documents to weed out weasel words, typos, stop words, etc. to enhance your application quality.

Tracking Tools

We provide access to our tracking tools that provide an objective overview of your application performance and share early warning of any shortcomings in your job search.

Interview Coaching

We share and coach you on our interview frameworks and techniques to help you overcome your interview fears, refine your pitch, and tackle even the hardest interview questions.

Uniqueness & Privacy

Each candidate is unique. We neither recycle content from previous applications, nor use your content for other clients. Your applications are tailored to highlight your profile to help you stand out and avoid future content plagiarism issues.

Workflow & Tooling

Our innovative tools eliminate low-value activities, such as browsing for job openings and customising application documents. We save precious time that you can invest in increasing your application throughput and maximising your odds of securing interviews.

Mindset Coaching

Job search is an emotional roller coaster for most job seekers. In this context, attitude makes a lot of difference. Through our Mindset coaching, we help you develop or retain positive attitudes, confidence and positivity, even when the going gets tough.


our engagement process

This might probably be first time that you are submitting applications to universities abroad. You might find the entire process overwhelming with a lot of unknowns.

During the engagement process, you will not only witness your application documents take shape, but also work alongside our advisors and learn the process of building compelling applications.

The learning will help you during your internships and job search after your graduation or later when making career transitions as an experienced professional.

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A snapshot of corporations and startups that our clients secured offers


With 450+ full-time employees
  1. SAP AG
  2. KPMG AG
  3. Deloitte
  4. Accenture
  5. Publicis Group
  6. Volkswagen AG
  7. Infineon Technologies
  8. Atos IT GmbH
  9. Amazon Web Services
  10. Siemens AG


With secured funding
  1. Zalando
  2. Home24
  3. N26
  4. GetSafe
  5. Octapharma
  6. Molecular Health
  7. Virtual Forge (Onapsis)
  8. Solarisbank
  9. Lieferando
  10. Gorillaz


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INTRVU provided lots of insights on job search, interview skills and even conducted mock interviews. They also revamped my applications, after which I started receiving interview calls and eventually landed my current job. I’m happy that I trusted you with my career and this recommendation is my token of appreciation.

Joseph, China, Robotics Engineer

I came to Germany on a customer project through an Indian IT company and learned that I could make more money working directly for a German firm. INTRV helped me get my application ready for German companies. After a few initial rejections, I started getting interviews and finally landed a nice offer from a German MNC. You are really great! Thanks!.

Kashyap, India, Information Technology Consultant

Thanks for helping me with my career planning and updating my application. I appreciate your inputs and advice about career choices and effectively seek ing opportunities based on my profile competences. Your interview coaching helped me clearly express my strengths that I think tipped the deal in my favour in the form of a job contract. Thanks!

Kirthana, India, Molecular Biologist

Frustrated from a string of rejections and my job search, I sought INTRVU’s help following a workshop I attended. They offered practical advise and revamped my applications, after which I started receiving interview calls and eventually landed my current job. Mr. Sridharan’s experience as a company Director and founder particularly helped me evaluate my experience level. Many thanks for all your support.

Irmgard, Germany, Director (Customer Service)

Your professionalism, accuracy, guidance, and efficiency are rare in quality and the results are in accordance. I received so much care and personal attention from your team that I can’t thank you enough. Despite the frustration I carried over from other consulting firms, you succeeded to clearly guide me in a fast and accurate manner that made all the difference. My advisors made the application process very enjoyable.

Esmat, Morocco, PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering

As an aspiring PhD student, I struggled to find a suitable research program in Germany. I contacted INTRVU and my experience with them has been fantastic. They clearly explained the PhD admission process, shortlisted universities, helped prepare my application essays and guided me throughout the process. I also recommend their excellent workshops and career services to my fellow PhD students looking for a job in academic or industry, especially their transferable skills approach.

Martha, Poland, Corporate Research Scientist

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frequently asked questions

Why can’t I figure this out myself?2022-12-07T21:15:42+01:00

If you are like most of our clients, university application, job or internship search is something you do a few times in your lifetime. However, we conduct these activities every day.

We handle several hundred applicants each year. To manage such client volume, we have developed tools and gathered data that you don’t have access to.

Leveraging these artefacts, we have helped several hundreds of clients develop best-practices and helped them avoid making the same costly mistakes that deny them admits or job offers.

You don’t need a career advisor or admissions consultant to land a job or get an admit at a university.

Nonetheless, having a support system, an experienced team, and a trusted partner by your side helps you reach your goals much faster, avoid frustrations and eliminate mistakes along the way.

How long does an engagement last?2022-12-07T21:09:53+01:00

Typically, we strive to complete each client engagement within 6 weeks, so that you can focus on applying to opportunities, instead of waiting for our deliverables. However, this duration also depends on your timelines, goals, financial situation, and the package you purchased. We coach you as a person, not drag you through a process. This means, we adapt our engagement process to meet your constraints. Likewise, we also expect your time and commitment in the process.

Can I speak to your client references?2022-12-07T14:08:47+01:00

Our clients’ privacy and future career prospects, especially in the context of admissions and career services, is a very serious business to us. So, we do not disclose our previous clients or the services we rendered to protect and respect their privacy, before, during or after your purchase. Similarly, we also won’t share your information with our future clients to respect your privacy.

Can you translate my application documents to German?2022-08-15T22:44:22+02:00

No, we don’t offer translation services in-house. However, we collaborate with authorized translation partners that offer translation services of high quality. Please get in touch to explore your translation requirements.

Can I speak with you before I purchase your services?2021-11-04T21:12:47+01:00

Yes, absolutely! We strongly encourage you to reach out to us before you purchase a package. Please get in touch via email or WhatsApp

Do you offer any student discounts?2016-08-21T19:55:45+02:00

We understand the budgetary constraints of students. In response, we offer a 15% discount to offset some of your costs. Please get in touch with us to avail the coupon that you can apply during your purchase.

Can I pay for your services after I get a job / internship?2016-08-21T19:53:29+02:00

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver services before you pay for them. Our services entail significant investment in terms of time, resources and expertise. Like all organisations, we can only render our services to candidates that value our expertise and are willing to pay for our services.

Can you guarantee that I will land a job?2016-08-21T19:51:10+02:00

We do not offer any guarantee or promise that you will secure a job without appraising your candidature and the overall job market. However, we can assure you a high quality of service, process and artefacts. The job application process is complex and deterministic process that depends on macro- and micro-economic aspects, such as labor market sensitivity, trending skills, business cycle, personnel demand, a company’s hiring plans, immigration policies, etc. Many of these aspects are beyond our sphere of influence. Hence, we commit only to the engagement aspects that we can confidently and reliably deliver.

How can I purchase your service?2016-08-21T19:44:41+02:00

You can purchase our services via Paypal, Credit Card or direct bank transfer. You can choose the option during your purchase. Please note that you may incur additional charges for International payments. These charges are not included in our prices and have to be borne by you.

Do you do coaching in person or virtually?2016-08-12T12:34:27+02:00

Both. We primarily coach virtually via Skype / Google Hangouts. We also offer in person coaching and advisory sessions in certain locations where our advisors and coaches reside. Please get in touch with us to explore whether an in-person session is feasible. Please note that both virtual and in-person sessions contain the same content and quality.

How does career coaching work?2016-08-12T11:02:54+02:00

Our process is a hybrid of coaching and mentorship. As advisors we give you advice using a tried and tested process. We also provide you with tools and insights that help you achieve your goals. Learn more about our approach here.

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