Finding the right career opportunity – one that is rewarding, meaningful, and enjoyable – is one of the most challenging things you will ever do. With today’s tough job market, it’s important that you find your competitive edge. Since 2015, we are helping job seekers land full- and part-time jobs, internships and working student opportunities across Europe.


Like most job search consultants, we offer the following standard services to help you compile a professional application package. In contrast to other consultants, we leverage our differentiating services to overcome the limitations of standard candidate applications.







Our differentiating services are designed to give you a distinct competitive advantage during your job search. Our career services leverage industry and market insights, technology, tools and data, knowledge, experience and insights from previous client engagements. We not only help produce compelling application documents, but also maximize your application throughput and conversions as measured by the number of interviews and job offers you receive.


During our engagement, we will help set both, long-term career goals and short-term engagement goals to align your efforts, achieve outcomes in the shortest time-frame and increase your job satisfaction.


During our engagement, we define job categories that are aligned with your background, qualifications and experiences to maximize your odds of landing a job offer.


During our engagement, we aggregate job openings from popular and long-tail job portals that align with the job categories that we jointly identified to decrease the time you spend browsing for suitable jobs and increase your application throughput.


We kick start each client engagement with a Discovery Call to gather both, subjective and objective data on your candidature. Subsequently, we forge an application strategy and roadmap considering your personal situation (Contextual Advisory™ methodology) to help you align you job search activities.


We leverage sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools and a large corpus of application documents to objective analyze your application documents for weasel words, typos, stop words, structure, parsability, readability, sentiment and several important dimensions to improve the quality of your application documents.


Today, almost all organizations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that shortlist candidates for further review by the hiring team. We improve the odds of ATS shortlisting your application through keyword research, metadata tagging and several deeply technical strategies.


We leverage labor market data (market and industry data) and market sensitivity indices from official sources to estimate your job search duration and prepare you for the challenges you might face during your job search.


In addition to guiding you from a conceptual stand-point, he also render hands-on support in creating professional application documents. Our Pixel Perfect™ framework and tools format and typeset your application documents and help you stand out.


We not only help prepare compelling application documents, but also deploy our tools to improve your application throughput and expedite your job search. We also equip you with application tracking tools, workbooks and resources to ace your interviews and land offers.


There are several websites out there that share tactics to help prospective job seekers land employment opportunities in Europe. However, few websites or career coaches provide authoritative advise grounded in labor market data, job market sensitivity, trending skills, and empirical (based on experience) insights. Consequently, many career advisors offer the standard services, such as Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae review, LinkedIn profile optimization, etc. Though having profession application documents is necessary, it not sufficient to land interview or job offers. Our advisory approach is based on our 1st-hand experiences and mental models of hiring team that include hiring managers that make the actual hiring decision and recruiters who support hiring managers in the recruitment process. Structuring your application documents along these dimensions for your target personas increases the odds of your profile getting shortlisted for subsequent stages.

Many hiring organizations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to handle the volume of candidate applications. ATS are sophisticated systems that leverage complex logic to parse candidate applications and shortlist candidates for further consideration. Many job seekers are oblivious to these systems and consequently, invest their efforts in enhancing their application documents to human reviewers. Using our Artificial Intelligence tools powered by a large corpus of job posting data and trending keywords, we enrich our clients’ application with metadata that improves the findability when hiring managers search for suitable candidates in the ATS.

In our view, applicants should spend the bulk of their valuable time submitting job applications, rather than spending their resources (time, efforts, money, etc.) on wasteful activities, such as browsing for jobs across multiple job portals or formatting and typesetting documents. To that end, we seek inefficiencies and remedy them through automation. Based on the job categories we identified during the Discovery Call, we aggregate suitable job listings in a single repository. Furthermore, the repository also entails tracking logic and analytics that transparently reports your application performance. As a result, our clients spend their precious time submitting applications (maximizing their application throughput), networking with prospective employers and interviewing, rather than browsing job portals and editing application documents.

Though such marginal improvements across several hundred client engagements, we have developed tools leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and innovations to deliver clear client benefits and cost efficiencies as measured by lower service prices, superior document quality (design and content). These effectively result in more satisfied customers, who confidently recommend our services to their family and friends, which result in our increased year-on-year revenue growth.

Job search is an intense process marked by frustration, rejections and disappointment. It is a mental roller coaster. During this trying situation, we support our clients with personalized guidance, support and counseling, so that they push their boundaries and realize their career aspirations. We guide them at every step of the application process, starting from preparing their application requirements and shortlisting job openings to interviewing tips and salary negotiation. We also  equip our clients with the tools and insights based on current job market data to help them to identify and narrow down their choices of interest. Our advisors personally guide the job seekers through the entire job search process till they finally sign the job offer.

During job search, having a trustworthy partner who has gone through the same journey that you are embarking on could be of great help. No only would such a partner help you avoid mistakes, but also provide insights from experience, that could help you achieve your goals faster. In our view, each client-engagement is our chance to forge new, long-term relationships with future leaders. We build long-term, trust-based clients relationships, partake in their achievements, and celebrate their career successes. In our experience, our revenues and profits have resulted from satisfied customers recommending our services to their friends and family. We are only happy when you find a job. That is why we will guide you step by step until you have actually reached your goal.


Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Our engagement philosophy is modeled on the aforementioned age-old adage. This might probably be first time that you are seeking employment in a different country. In addition to nuances in application documents, there are several technological and cultural norms that determine whether a company picks up your application or is forgotten. You might find the entire process overwhelming with a lot of unknowns. Furthermore, the numerous rejection emails in your Inbox are downright disappointing.

During the engagement process, you will work alongside our advisors and learn the art and science of building a compelling application package. The learning will help you, not only in the short-term, but also over your entire career. Our proven frameworks are of great help, whether you are applying for Internships or student jobs during your studies, seeking full-time opportunities post-graduation or when making career transitions long after your graduation.

During the engagement process, you will not only witness your application documents take shape, but also learn the logic and reasoning behind the various aspects of building a compelling application.


Our engagement philosophy has delivered an impressive track record as you could witness from the following non-comprehensive list of German public and private sector institutions where our clients are gainfully employed. For hiring data on other European countries, please get in touch with us via email.

  • McKinsey & Company
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Porsche Consulting
  • Roland Berger
  • Deloitte
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  • Accenture
  • Universität Heidelberg
  • Universität Hannover
  • SAP AG
  • Publicis Group
  • Volkswagen AG
  • BMW AG
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Atos IT GmbH
  • Amazon Web Services
  • ETH Zürich
  • Siemens AG
  • Zalando
  • Home24
  • Springer Verlag
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Omicon Group


  • Insights based on 1st-hand hiring experience in Europe

  • Strategic advise based on current job market trends and insights

  • Competitive insights based on historical labor market data

  • Complete transparency and access to all aspects of the engagement

  • Application strategy tailored to your career aspiration

  • Job recommendations based on extensive profile evaluation

  • Visually compelling application documents

  • Transparent and affordable pricing for personalized services


During job search, most candidates spend a significant amount of time vetting jobs across the same job portals as their fellow applicants (2-4 hours per day). Furthermore, most companies require a Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae, and Transcripts (work experience, academic qualifications, certifications, etc.). Hence, candidates substantial time customizing job applications to match prospective employers’ specific expectations (3-4 hours per day). Though this is a good practice, beyond a certain threshold, these efforts deliver marginal (low) results as measured by interviews or offers.

Moreover, when editing application documents for each job listing, errors in formatting, spelling, typesetting, etc. will, inadvertently, happen. Furthermore, poor or inadequate document designs or run-off-the-mill templates from the Internet pain a negative professional portrait among prospective employers.

Potential employers view your application as one that did not require thought and effort on your part. Consequently, they view your application as one that does not warrant their consideration and time. Your prospective employers interpret the poor quality of application documents as representative of your person – one with a lack of professionalism, judgment and standards.

Reviewing job listings and editing your application documents are important. These are, however, low-value activities that are redundant, error-prone and more importantly, do not help you land your dream job. Instead, you should be spending bulk of your time submitting applications and networking with recruiters and companies.

Maximizing your application throughput i.e., submitting professional and well-written application documents to as many companies and presenting your best profile, is more important. Complemented by professional networking, your dream job is close enough.


Job search could be time-consuming, frustrating and laborious. During such uncertain times, having an external partner with experience, tools, data, frameworks, proven methodologies, and job market insights by your side could be both, assuring and pragmatic. Our career services cover everything you need – from creating a compelling application documents and aggregating job postings from multiple portals to helping plan your long-term career in Europe.

During job search, candidates waste time reviewing job listings and editing application documents, instead of submitting them (maximizing application throughput). Our Artificial Intelligence based job aggregator sources unique job listings that match your job categories across several popular and niche job portals.

Poor application documents signal to potential employers that you have not put in your efforts to present you in the best light. However, most job seekers are not professional designers. To over come this shortcoming, our automated tools expedite application document creation by producing consistent and high quality documents of superior design, content and quality.

In addition to design and content, we optimize your application documents to meet the stringent requirements of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – software that companies use to source, search and shortlist candidates. We enrich your application documents with metadata using our Artificial Intelligence tools and an extensive keyword corpus to position your profile when recruiters and hiring managers search for candidates in the ATS.

With access to submission-ready documents and job listing at a single location in the shortest amount of time, you can invest your valuable time in maximizing your application throughput, revising your job search strategy, networking and securing interviews, rather than spending it reviewing job postings and editing application documents.



Can you translate my application documents to German?2022-08-15T22:44:22+02:00

No, we don’t offer translation services in-house. However, we collaborate with authorized translation partners that offer translation services of high quality. Please get in touch to explore your translation requirements.

Can I speak with you before I purchase your services?2022-08-15T22:42:38+02:00

Yes, absolutely! We strongly encourage you to reach out to us before you purchase a package. Please get in touch via email or WhatsApp

Can I speak to your past clients before I purchase your services?2022-08-15T23:15:14+02:00

Our clients’ privacy and future career prospects, especially in the context of admissions and career services, is a very serious business to us. So, we do not disclose our previous clients or the services we rendered to protect and respect their privacy. So, we won’t share any client references, before, during or after your purchase. Similarly, we also won’t share your information with our future prospects to respect your privacy.

How long does an engagement last?2022-08-15T23:43:03+02:00

Typically, we strive to complete each client engagement within 6 weeks, so that you can focus on applying to opportunities, instead of waiting for our deliverables. However, this duration also depends on your timelines, goals, financial situation, and the package you purchased. We coach you as a person, not drag you through a process. This means, we adapt our engagement process to meet your constraints. Likewise, we also expect your time and commitment in the process.

Do you offer any student discounts?2022-08-15T23:44:35+02:00

We understand the budgetary constraints of students. In response, we offer a 15% discount to offset some of your costs. Please get in touch with us to avail the coupon that you can apply during your purchase.

Can I pay for your services after I get a job / internship?2021-11-04T21:01:04+01:00

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver services before you pay for them. Our services entail significant investment in terms of time, resources and expertise. Like all organisations, we can only render our services to candidates that value our expertise and are willing to pay for our services.

Can you guarantee that I will land a job?2022-08-15T23:50:43+02:00

We do not offer any guarantee or promise that you will secure a job without appraising your candidature and the overall job market. However, we can assure you a high quality of service, process and artefacts. The job application process is complex and deterministic process that depends on macro- and micro-economic aspects, such as labor market sensitivity, trending skills, business cycle, personnel demand, a company’s hiring plans, immigration policies, etc. Many of these aspects are beyond our sphere of influence. Hence, we commit only to the engagement aspects that we can confidently and reliably deliver.

How can I purchase your service?2021-11-04T21:01:04+01:00

You can purchase our services via Paypal, Credit Card or direct bank transfer. You can choose the option during your purchase. Please note that you may incur additional charges for International payments. These charges are not included in our prices and have to be borne by you.

Do you do coaching in person or virtually?2022-08-15T23:53:18+02:00

Both. We primarily coach virtually via Skype / Google Hangouts. We also offer in person coaching and advisory sessions in certain locations where our advisors and coaches reside. Please get in touch with us to explore whether an in-person session is feasible. Please note that both virtual and in-person sessions contain the same content and quality.

Why can’t I figure this out myself?2021-11-04T21:01:04+01:00

If you are like most of our clients, job / internship search or university admissions is something you do, perhaps, a few time in your lifetime. However, we are in the business of admissions and career advisory. We have helped several hundreds of clients like yourself and helped them avoid making the same mistakes that you might be making. In other words, we have gathered a lot of experience from our successes and failures. You don’t need a career advisor or admissions consultant to land a job or get an admit at a university. Nevertheless, having a support system, an experienced team, and trusted partners like INTRVU by your side will help you reach your goals much, much faster and avoid a lot of frustrations and mistakes along the way.

How does career coaching work?2021-11-04T21:01:04+01:00

Our process is a hybrid of coaching and mentorship. As advisors we give you advice using a tried and tested process. We also provide you with tools and insights that help you achieve your goals. Learn more about our approach here.


I was searching for words that could describe my happiness about your service and how confident I became when I knew exactly what I should do in the next 5-10 years of my life. I know what to do now and which companies to consider when searching for my dream job that fits my personality along with the workplace that is the best fit for me. The candidate profile you compiled was amazing and the interview tips were extremely helpful. I am ready now to move forward. Overall the experience was wonderful.

Mechanical Engineer, Faurecia, Germany

As a PhD student that struggled to transition to industry, my experience with INTRVU has been fantastic. Following a friend’s recommendation, I attended a full-day workshop organised by INTRVU and Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut in Heidelberg. The workshop was a mix of theoretical and practical sessions and covered all aspects of landing a job from properly reading job descriptions to negotiating a job offer. Their analysis of the job market and frameworks to structure the application documents were not only innovative, but also practical. I’d recommend their excellent workshops and services to any PhD student looking for a job in the industry. It worked for me and I’m sure it would for you.

PhD Candidate, Roche Diagnostics, Germany

Thank you for your help with my career planning and updating my resume. I really appreciate your input and advice not only about the career choices, but also about how to effectively seek opportunities and make good use of my resources. Thanks again.

SAP Consultant, Springer Verlag, Germany

Frustrated from a string of rejections and my job search, I sought help from INTRVU. They motivated, advised and helped me in revamp my applications, after which I started receiving interview calls and eventually landed my current job. I’m happy that I trusted you with my career and this recommendation is my token of appreciation.

MBA student from Ecole supérieure de Commerce de Rennes, Hilti Technology Engineering, France

I was a bit stuck during a career shift and reached out to INTRVU for help. They immediately made me feel comfortable, and I could tell they really cared about my situation. Throughout the process, the advisory continuously mentored me and went beyond what I expected. They also gave me the tools to have the best possible chance at succeeding. I would (and have) recommend INTRVU to another friend who is also now happily employed as a Product Manager.

Marketing Consultant, BBDO, Germany

After a couple weeks of research into different careers I narrowed down my choice to one. I have decided to go back to university next year to study Human Resource Management. Having the information about my personality and also some future careers made my searching a lot easier as I was able to really focus on my strengths. Using your insights, I was easily able to narrow down my choices in a future career. Again I would like to thank you for the meeting as I found it to be very helpful for my future.

HR Consultant, Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany

I attended a workshop on Internships organised by my University and was impressed by the way the presenters from INTRVU presented the job application challenges and solutions. Their approach is were both, pragmatic and impactful. Following their workshop, I worked with their advisors and landed my dream job at SAP AG in Walldorf. I’m happy to recommend INTRVU to any International student or job seeker facing the challenges I did.

Masters student from University of Bonn, SAP AG, Germany

Please note that we will NOT share our client contact details to protect their privacy, in consideration of their current and future career prospects and the consumer privacy legal mandates of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).


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