Idea in short

Some companies require you to apply for job openings via email. In such scenarios, a compelling email body will impress recruiters and take your application to the next stage. So, how can you ensure that your email cover letter will get you to the next stage?

Keep it brief

Mostly, a well-written email can replace a cover letter. Unless the recruiters have explicitly requested for a separate cover letter, you can restrict the cover letter to its body. However, recruiters can’t spend a great amount of time reading your application. As a result, you should ensure that your email is concise and compelling. Stick to the key information in a sensible order. If possible, distill the essentials as bullet points. The text should be a summary of why you are an excellent fit for the role.

Keep it formal

Emails have no set rules regarding the format you should follow. Therefore, we recommend you to stick to a more formal tone when sending job related emails. It’s better to be too polite than too informal. So, formality is often a much safer bet. This includes using Dear rather than Hi. Unless you have already spoken to or know the recruiter, stick to a business context. Likewise, use formal sign offs when concluding your email.

Format it well

As with any business document, ensure that your email and application documents (in attachments) are easy to read. Play close attention to the format. When in doubt, export your application document to Portable Document Format (PDF). Similarly, make sure you are using a professional and common font, such as Arial or Helvetica. Appropriately space your email; make sure that your fonts are not too small and cramped. Don’t overdo your email with too many gaps. Make just use of paragraphs.

Finish With a Call to Action

It’s important to finish your email by highlighting your interest in role. Express your desire for an interview. If possible, suggest a telephone interview to discuss your suitability sooner. Being keen for further communication demonstrates your confidence in the application. Subtly convey that you have more to offer than shared on your application documents. You also include that you are looking forward to hearing a response. Though a strong closing won’t guarantee a successful outcome, a good covering email will increase your likelihood of hearing back from the recruiter.

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