Idea in short

The times when an employee is doing the same job all his / her life are slowly over. Whoever wants to build a career nowadays can no longer rely on routines, but must be flexible. You never know when and where the next door opens and what opportunities and chances such opportunities bring with. When an employee changes jobs relatively frequently, one speaks of a patchwork CV. While some say that such a restless life is not a good impression, others now share the opinion that patchwork career has become the new norm.

The benefits of the patchwork CV

Job hopping has long been more than just a trend, but an integral part of the modern world of work. Reasons for the frequent job changes and therefore, for the patchwork CV are:

  • Routines: If you work in the same job for many years, sooner or later you get into a rote that leaves no room for new and fresh ideas. Routines not only ensure boredom at the workplace, but also increase the risk of error. By hopping jobs, one avoids the risk of getting into a rote and benefits from new experiences and learnings that new opportunities bring
  • Knowledge and competence: Anybody that works at different companies and roles gathers valuable experiences. Many job hoppers have acquired diverse skills and knowledge that inspires employers with unique experiences and competences
  • Flexibility: Who rests, rusts. This proverb refers to the physical health of the human being, but can also be applied to one’s career. Working in the same job for years often eclipses the changes, evolution, and trends happening in any given industry. As a job hopper, your flexibility and responsiveness are better aligned with new and upcoming developments

These advantages make candidates with patchwork CVs attractive to recruiters. Increasingly, employers recognise the need for flexibility and agility that job hoppers bring and want to leverage these attributes within their organisation. Against this backdrop, job changes hardly carry a stigma, but rather as springboard to better and more fulfilling careers.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that you have compelling arguments highlighting the breadth and depth of skills you acquired from frequent job changes. If you have convincing stories as a job hopper, you will emerge as a candidate attractive to a broad range of organisations.

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