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Do you identify yourself through your professional success? Assumption of leadership roles? An opulent salary? If you do, it’s time for you to think about training opportunities that have the potential to move you up the hierarchy in your organisation! Job security, but above all opportunities for professional advancement are, now more than ever, linked to an individual’s skill level and his / her willingness to acquire new ones through ongoing learning and development in the constantly emerging (and growing) new fields of knowledge.

There are many good reasons for this:

  1. The globalisation of virtually all sectors of the economy is growing rapidly. So, it is extremely crucial that one is proficient, not only in English, but also additional foreign languages, especially if one is an aspiring executive
  2. Digital media and advanced computer technologies are integral parts of most boardrooms. Moving forward, Digital technologies and media are essential skills to master by both, professionals and managers alike
  3. Those with financial leadership and responsibility would do well to gather the disciplinary and budgetary skills, in addition to understanding the relevant laws, regulations and legal framework. Aspiring candidates are served well by keeping themselves up-to-date on the latest technical and managerial developments through self-study and other available learning opportunities
  4. Regardless of the career level, basic project management and leadership skills are absolutely essential

Though conceptually different, a leader is simultaneously a manager. This is especially true because (s)he has significantly greater knowledge and information resources compared to their direct reports. To leverage this knowledge and information resources, a manager must acquire additional skills and capabilities through organised training. This ensures that the professional skills are up to date with the expectations in his / her leadership role. In modern international environments, not is your IQ important, but also your EQ – the Emotional Quotient. Excellent soft skills are expected of all management professionals.

In order to distinguish yourself in your job, you should never wait for your supervisor to address your shortcomings, but rather take the initiative and demonstrate the new competences you’ve acquired in your job. Define your personal learning goals and seek out the training and coaching content and offerings. It also helps to evaluate your individual ‘potential’ through structured analysis and discover concrete qualifications that align with your personal development and that of your employer.

Regardless of the short-term career goals, engaging in ongoing learning and development is particularly useful because it not only equips you with the latest tools for the evolving positions, but also to perform your job well mid-term.

Lest you run the risk of becoming a dinosaur.

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